Randall & Aubin


In the endlessly competitive world of fine dining, a meal should be so much more than just food on a plate. It should be an experience, with generous servings of expertise and enthusiasm at the top of the recipe. To stand out, you really need to stand up, and no one embodies this mantra of excellence more than fixture of Soho, Randall & Aubin.

Set in the iconic Brewer Street of London, Randall & Aubin have been serving up Anglo and French cuisine since their founding back in 1996. As the brainchild of Jamie Poulton and accomplished Head Chef Ed Baines, their custom À La Carte menu boasts an eclectic display of fish, meat and crustacean-based dishes; with fresh ingredients sourced from trusted British and Irish suppliers, watched over with a keen eye for unparalleled quality and taste.

Their British and French heritage doesn’t just stop as the kitchen door, as it also extends to not only the stunning décor, but the almost palpable atmosphere itself. The very appearance of Randall & Aubin has been carefully curated with a gigantic glitter ball offering a nod to Soho’s storied past, marble top tables, 18th century Parisian chandeliers, cozy nooks, and corner tables. Consideration for not only their own unique façade, but also the eclectic neighborhood they call home is prevalent throughout the design; only further aiding the extraordinary experience offered to guests.

Of course, nothing could ever speak louder than an enviable wine menu. Randall & Aubin’s cellar selection has been excellently selected by wine legend Joe Wadsack, starring both contemporaries and classics; such as Chateau du Domaine de L’Eglise and Chateau Ste Marguerite Rosé. The selection has been professionally matched to the À La Carte menu, to ensure that both go hand in hand.

For a dining experience that’ll leave you both full of memories and full of great food and heavenly wines, look no further than Randall & Aubin – a long lasting icon of Soho that everyone must experience.

Address: 14- 16 Brewer St, Soho, London W1F 0SG 



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