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Carole Ann Rice from Real Coaching Co is the UK’s leading life coach and personal development expert. She helps people all around the world discover the best version of themselves. Much of her work involves focusing on the here and now and is different to what you may experience in therapy.

Life coaching is all about goal-setting and implementing techniques to achieve success and true happiness. Carole Ann, Winner of Best Coach in the Best Business Women’s Awards 2017, works with her clients to improve relationships, diet, energy, health and well-being and confidence.

Not just a coach, Carole Ann has 30 years’ experience in PR, TV, radio and print media and is the author of two career-change books. Drawing on her own success, Carole Ann uses humour, compassion and inspiration to make the process easy and fun for her clients.

Carole Ann conducts her coaching sessions over the phone, usually lasting for 45-60 minutes. Face-to-face coaching is also available, but phone coaching is a great way to fit the sessions around a busy schedule and get to the root of the matter quickly.

A coach for 16 years, Carole Ann advises her clients to dedicate themselves to at least 3 months of coaching to really benefit and see sustainable change. Carole Ann’s clients are empowered – as she believes in you even when you don’t! She’s 100% committed to your success and offers continued support every step of the way.


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