October 24, 2017
Fletcher Of London
October 24, 2017

Right Path Fitness is a team of London-based Personal Training specialists committed to helping clients reach their full fitness potential in the most efficient and effective time possible.

What makes Right Path Fitness special?

  • Results driven – Right Path Fitness aim is for clients to achieve amazing results in the shortest time possible. They set realistic targets that challenge clients but are also achievable and rewarding to keep the training maintainable and consistently motivating.
  • Personal – the trainers will work closely with clients to identify their specific, practical goals and targets, but also to learn as much as possible about their individual preferences from an emotional level. They’ll learn about their exercise history and the reasons why they want to make a definitive change in their level of health and fitness.
  • Exclusive Studio location – clients are given access to the exclusive private studio in the heart of Shoreditch, complete with top-of-the-range equipment and sound system so they can train privately, in their own time, to their own tunes. With no unnecessary distractions, clients can focus wholeheartedly on their training.
  • Flexibility – Right Path Fitness tailor programmes around the client’s specific needs and availability. They will train at the most convenient time and the most convenient place for the client – whether this is at 5am or 9pm, at the studio, at home or in a local park.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced – the members of the Right Path Fitness team come from a wide range of backgrounds, providing the team with specialist knowledge in all forms of fitness training – including fat loss, muscle toning and building, athletic performance, martial arts and sports science.

Right Path Fitness’ Director, is British and National Wrestling Champion, Keith Mcniven. Mcniven has been involved in sports and training for over 18 years. He is a highly accomplished freestyle wrestler – previously winning both British & English Championship titles.

It is this winning background and mentally in national-level sports that sets his knowledge of health and fitness above the rest. His training is results-driven – he works so that his clients achieve their goals in the most effective way.

Mcniven specialises in fat loss and lean muscle gain and keeps his skills, qualifications and knowledge at the forefront of modern sports science, biomechanics and medicine through frequent attendance at new cutting-edge fitness courses.



Want To Find Out More?

We’ve produced a case study for our work with Right Path Fitness so that you can see the positive impact we had on their business.

Just click the image below and you’ll be taken straight the case study.