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Sebastian Burdon is an innovative artist with a highly creative style that aims to challenge existing conceptions and bring joy to viewers of his art.  

Known professionally as ‘What’s His Name’, Burdon’s art and sculptures are made using a variety of mediums – including resin, fibreglass, ink, and 3D printing. The uniquely challenging and contemporary aesthetic of the Polish-born artist has earned him recognition, especially in London where he’s a well-known name, despite his modest moniker.

Outside the UK, Burdon’s work has likewise been featured in cities across the world, including New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Verona and Berlin, where his often playful, but surprising, perspective and pop-inspired style has earned him positive attention and praise.

Speaking about his art, Burdon says “My work aims to show the unusual way of creative thinking by connecting the dots that already exist but have not yet been connected. The ideas that on the surface seem simple, but have never been executed before.” 

It’s this desire to celebrate an alternative to the ordinary that has fuelled Burdon through 15 years (and counting!) of art-making, and that continues to develop as he embraces the potential of fast-advancing technology.


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