As the CEO of the world’s highest-rated dental digital marketing agency, founder of a unique charity helping women in India, and a regular commentator in major international publications, Shaz Memon is regarded as one of the dental industry’s most influential powers. 

Starting his agency, Digimax, at the age of 18, Memon was ahead of his time when he decided to help businesses unleash the power of the web in the year 2000. Today, the London-based agency helps dental practices make more money and build their brand through website design, marketing, and social media.

Further aiming to help those in the profession, Memon has recently launched a #1 best-selling book in Dentistry, “Instagram for Dentists”, which provides everything dentists need to know about using the app which has over 500 million active users daily. 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram, so if a dental practice isn’t making the most of Instagram’s ever-evolving features, it’s missing out.

Memon’s impressive work has amassed an even more impressive portfolio of clients including leading names like BBC, Barclays, FHM and House of Fraser. Memon is also a regular contributor to UK press and publications such as the Telegraph and Guardian newspapers. 

When not working with customers directly – consulting them on all areas of their digital marketing needs – Shaz Memon speaks at events, covering topics of design, digital marketing, search engine optimisation, conversion, social media, branding and dental marketing.

Giving back, in 2019 Memon set up a charity, dubbed Wells on Wheels, which fundraises to help women of India break free from poverty and prevent debilitating injury. The project is focused around The Water Wheel – a round drum fitted with handles that allows women collecting water to roll the heavy container along the ground instead of carrying it on their heads. This life-changing innovation is also allowing young girls to stay in school and receive education as they no longer need to be involved in water collection.

Shaz Memon is available for comment on a wide variety of digital marketing subjects, including SEO, conversions, social media, branding, and more. Please visit the website below to learn more about Memon, or visit www.wellsonwheels.co.uk to learn more on the charity.



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