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Susan Hepburn is a highly acclaimed accredited and established hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, backed by over 30 years of experience. Famous for her authority on weight loss, eating disorders, addictions and stop-smoking methods, Susan operates an incredibly successful Harley Street practice where she offers highly effective services, ranging from the aforementioned weight loss to more complex issues such as sex addictions.

Countless A-listers have been known to flock to her exclusive clinics in Harley Street and Los Angeles for her discreet service and no-nonsense approach. She’s known to have treated celebs like Adele, Nigella Lawson, and Sarah Ferguson to name a few, but Susan is discreet and refuses to discuss who she treats.

Hepburn has produced hugely impressive success rates, with one happy client recently losing 9 stone (57kg) in less than 6 months. The client, Georgia Keating, was shifting between obesity and anorexia, then after meeting Susan, she achieved her perfect weight after just three sessions of hypnotherapy. Her weight loss clients reach their target weight and manage to keep it off, not to mention helping countless smokers to quit after a single one-hour session.

It’s all in the method argues Hepburn, with her unique approach. She offers a calm, reassuring approach and inspires confidence in success. Susan’s motto is “To fail is not an option.”

Susan says, “No one is born predestined to have a weight issue or an addition, it’s learned behavior, and this is where my treatment comes into play, to change those negative learned behavior patterns into positive ones.”

Hepburn has also published an array of best-selling self-help books, all with free audio that can liberate readers from addictions and/or achieve your goal size with an easy to read style. Titles include ‘F*** Diets’, ‘Hypno Quit’, ‘Hypno Diet’ and ‘Stop Smoking in One Hour.’

136 Harley Street
Marylebone, London


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