As the never-ending fight against ageing continues to burn, facial aesthetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular across the U.K. However, for all the benefits that these procedures can have, they can also go horribly wrong as emphasised by the countless news stories of botched Botox and laughable lip fillers. For this reason, it’s vital that your aesthetic practitioner is fully trained and educated on how to undertake the procedures professionally.

Established in 2014 by the award-winning Dr. Harry Singh, The Botulinum Toxin Club is the UK’s leading facial aesthetics training workshop for dentists, doctors, medics, specialists and nurses.

Delegates who attend the workshops can expect to learn how to treat the three areas most requested by patients: the forehead, frown lines, and eyes. Class subjects range from beginner to advanced in skill, discussing anything from dermal fillers, toxins, perioral and fat dissolving treatments, and even a refresher class to sharpen your knowledge. Not only does this ensure that practitioners are fully trained and confident, but it also improves the confidence of clients, knowing that their practitioner has the proper training.

The BTC team also provide an on-going support system once the course is completed, curated by Dr. Singh who is a published author. Dr. Singh’s book, ‘Let Go of The Handbrake – Turbo Boosting Your Profits from Aesthetics’ offers up guidance on how to maximise profits and aims to elevate your business and marketing knowledge to new levels.

BTC operate their 1-2 day workshops in locations across the UK, also allowing you to bring a team member along at no additional charge. It’s this knowledge and understanding of their clients and the procedures that saw BTC crowned the ‘Most Outstanding Business of the Year’ at the 2018 Dental Industry Awards.


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