April 12, 2019
March 11, 2019


Based at the Sofitel Hotel at London Heathrow, The FaceBible was founded by Dr Raj Arora, a UK medical and cosmetic doctor with over 10 years’ experience as a GP and beauty specialist.

Born out of Dr Arora’s passion for skincare, aesthetics, and wellbeing, The FaceBible’s mission is to help every client put their best self forward.

The FaceBible offers a wide range of cosmetic and skin care treatments, including Botox and lip fillers. Every treatment is evidence-based and performed by a highly qualified medical professional, with an artistic flair and a sharp eye for aesthetics. Dr Arora understands the fundamental principles of facial anatomy, including underlying bone and muscle structure, facial geometry, and symmetry. Dr Arora knows what looks good, but she also understands why!

A treatment with The FaceBible is an interactive, two-way process that puts the client at the centre. Dr Arora will always take the time to listen to a client’s concerns and she’ll always give an honest assessment of what she can achieve, and how this matches up to client expectations.

With a strong emphasis on safety and ethical practice, The FaceBible provides the right treatments for the right reasons. They want to know what every client wants. But more importantly, they want to know why. Because as far as they’re concerned, wellbeing and mental health are just as important as the aesthetics. The FaceBible knows that looking good on the outside is important, but it also knows that feeling good on the inside is the real source of true confidence.

The FaceBible understands the pressure of living up to “unrealistic” beauty standards. The FaceBible understands how, more than ever before, we’re bombarded with images of carefully constructed “perfection.”  And with some companies willing to exploit their customers desire to live up to the “dream,” The FaceBible is a safe, ethically driven alternative within the beauty and skincare industry.

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