Deep down within every one of us, there’s a desire to live in the times before smartphones, laptops, and televisions. Maybe it’s because of shows like Peaky Blinders, with their cast of good-looking and stylish gangsters, but, for whatever reason, the 1920’s seem like an impossibly cool decade.

If you’ve got a thirst for all things 1920s chic and mystique, then The Gobpsya hot, new-fangled, and untouched drinkery in the city of London – should sit firmly at the top of your list of bars to visit – if you can find it, that is.

Like all good speakeasys, The Gobpsy is entered through a ‘secret’ entrance that is impossible to spot unless you’re ‘in the know.’ Concealed by a vintage, day-to-day barber shop on one of London’s high streets, the bar hides behind a seemingly innocent towel shelf at the bottom of a set of dark stairs. But push against the shelf to open a hidden door, and you’ll find yourself in a low-lit, eclectic and rustic bar featuring teal velvet and gold furnishings, a decadent atmosphere and, most importantly, an innovative and unusual – yet utterly delicious – list of cocktails.

The all-important cocktail list includes drinks with a dangerous mix of Don Julio Blanco, Pinot Noir Jam, Blood Orange liquor, Tamarillo, Bamboo Charcoal powder and more. Or if you’re into something more mature, try a culmination of Brockmans Gin, Earl Grey Tea, White Port, miraculous Foamer, plus other extravagant mixes. But whatever drink you’re after, it’s guaranteed to impress with its expert presentation and crafty, unique ingredients.

Photos of this joint remain undercover – as the experience is one for you to discover.

In a city that is full of cliché, crowded bars, and intimidating craft beer pubs, The Gobpsy is a hot yet refreshing addition to the London bar scene with its mysterious atmosphere, hushed entrance, and spectacular drinks.


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