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Skin, hair and nail supplements have been around for as long as we can remember – with companies such as Perfectil dominating the market with their expensive advertising campaigns and, more recently, collagen drinks and tablets popping up on every influencer’s Instagram story.

However, look beyond Nicole Scherzinger and all the fluff, and you’ll find that these products do little for your overall health, beauty and wellbeing. In fact – in pill form, the body only absorbs around 20% of the apparent nutrients and vitamins.

Vitybox – the brain child of UCL pharmacists Ali Azmandian and Ali Kais, also known as Ali & Ali – have revolutionised this. The duo have beaten the industry giants with the world’s first full-service vitamin shot. This on-the-go 15ml citrus shot is equivalent to more than 15 pills, and includes 9 ingredients that are vital for healthy skin, hair nails.

Their team of healthcare pros have spent years combining and testing the optimum combination of ingredients, to create a high-tech liquid that targets different areas of the body with maximum absorption & bioavailability. They have concentrated 100ml of vitamins into 15ml – without losing any goodness!

With patented Bioactive collagen, hydrolysed keratin & hyaluronic acid and supported with anti-ageing boosters – the beauty drink promises its users:

  • Gorgeously glossy & stronger hair
  • Reduced wrinkles & hydrated skin
  • Stronger, smoother & flawless nails

Vitybox are on a quest to revolutionise the outdated fads and meaningless corporate promises that are saturating today’s wellness market. Everyday healthcare doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Within a few weeks from launch, Vitybox has been recognised for its significance from the Pure Beauty Global Awards as Finalists for the International Breakthrough Brand.

A Vitbox subscription will cost you £59.95 – but order now and you’ll receive 40% at £35.95, or if you’re not sure you want to commit, you can trial the product for only £2.95! There’s also no contract, so you can cancel any time.

As a member of the Vitybox family, you’ll also have access to full support from the Vitybox team – a team of healthcare pros for all health-related beauty needs as a member.


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