It’s neck and neck for the race to be the people’s favourite frozen treat. As much as ice cream has topped the charts, there’s a new kid on the block; a healthier, smoother low calorie frozen dessert captivating all kinds of fans. Enter Yogland, the company who value two things and two things only; eating happily and living healthy. And during those SPF 50 temperatures, a frozen snack is your saviour, so what more than a frozen treat that can have you feeling better, working out better, killing cravings, and treating yo’self? Sign us up!

Yogland have transformed the ice cream scene with a low-calorie frozen dessert that provides the real taste and creamy texture of ice cream, without the guilt! This is one dessert you can actually feel good about eating!

This no sugar added, naturally sweetened handcrafted frozen treat also packs a mean protein punch. Unlike other froyo brands, Yogland are a fit frozen dessert and the perfect zero guilt pleasure one spoonful at a time. With a winning combination of mouth-watering flavour and great nutrition stats Yogland aim to prove you can have your cake and eat it, in fact you can have it all! With under 80 calories on average per serving it would be rude not to.

Flavours range from strawberry banana to peanut butter to cookies and cream. All are high in protein ranging from an impressive 12-15g protein per serving. How’s that for a protein fix? Perfect for a post-gym sesh treat. Definitely beats those tired protein bars, eh?

Low carb, gluten free, non GMO and high fibre complete this frozen desserts’ roster of power benefits. All of these benefits branch over to their vegan-friendly flavours.

If the logo seems familiar, Yogland has been featured in London Fashion Week, Google, Aol, and Bodypower Expo functions. So what’re you waiting for? Get spooning.

Yogland fans can take away from store, buy a pot for later or even get a delivery via Uber Eats and Deliveroo.


After launching in 2011, Yogland changed the froyo landscape by developing a healthier more premium dessert to rival the likes of ice cream. Inspired by the fitness and health obsessed attitude of the company founders; they sought to create something special; a naturally sweetened protein frozen treat people can actually feel good about eating.

ADDRESS – 58 Wesbourne Grove, London, W2 5SH



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