It’s no secret that London is a melting pot of colourful cultures, and that is what Yumn celebrates and champions oh so well. With a carefully curated menu of stunning dishes and crafty cocktails, Yumn is the cultural intersection of food from all over the world.

With two locations in south London, you can find Yumn as the crown jewel of the hip pop-up mall BoxPark Croydon, as well as in their standalone location in the Restaurant Quarter, also in Croydon. Birthed by the need for exceptional food for the local community, Yumn resists categorization and genre by serving up food from almost every part of the world, all whilst using the freshest of high-quality produce.

The menu highlights classics such as their much-loved herb crusted rump of lamb, plus a selection of meat and seafood dishes cooked in their high-heat Josper Grill – an enclosed barbeque that is known to create the juiciest, tender dishes around. Gone are the days of tough steak and dry chicken – thankfully!

Yumn also puts a hard focus on its carefully crafted drink selection, featuring beer supplied from the premium Meantime Brewery in Greenwich, crisp internationally acclaimed wines, and a unique mixology offering. The variety of cocktails and mixed drinks is second to none – The Lady Penelope features homemade rhubarb infused gin, acai liqueur, and velvety vanilla cream. Meanwhile, the Gentleman’s Old Fashioned consists of oak aged Macallan whiskey with black cherry, a dash of walnut bitters, all smoked to perfection. It’s safe to say that each and every one of the cocktails on offer are gorgeously tasty – maybe even too tasty if there’s such a thing.

Your inner foodie will love Yumn for its craving-satisfying eats and sips, whether it be a complex cocktail or a succulent burger. With two unique locations to explore, there’s nothing holding you back!


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