Pay Per Results PR

Easy peasy. For Comment Pieces – we’ll present you as available to offer expert comment on your particular field. This also includes you doing interviews. We’ll then present this opportunities to you to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to. Initially we’ll write up a ‘General Press Release’ to present you to our press contacts (and as a reference sheet for the team here / when pitching you as an expert). We’ll also work with you to proactively offer comments on topical things to the press (we’ll approach you first to approve and to get the comment).

Our Press Releases service is different in that we will send out regular press releases for you (perhaps news stories, tips, events you’re hosting etc – as ever, we’ll work together on the content and you will sign off the final press releases) and we’ll charge you if/when they get published. It’s typical that journalists will ask for further comment, an interview with you or a comment for another article – we’ll ask you if you’re keen to do it and if you are, we’ll class that as a ‘Comment Piece’ (see above).

No, the deposit sits on the account as security for us. However, if you have worked with us continually for over 12 months (so we have a great relationship), it is then possible for you to use that credit on your account towards a publication. Think of it like renting a house you pay a deposit before you move in, when you move out you get your deposit back.

Yes and no. You cannot control who publishes a press release (that would be unreasonable), however, journalists tend to not publish as is. We can tailor (to a certain degree) the publications who would receive the press release and which journalists we speak to, but it still is a large selection of mass consumer and trade press.

For our Pay Per Results PR – Comment Pieces and Pay Per Results PR – Reviews services – you’ll sign off each opportunity so you can say yes or no.

It depends on what your goals are, we like to think that PR has three benefits:

⦁ Credibility/social proof – always good for small businesses and new businesses to have some press logos on your websites/social media pages. It will give people looking to use your business some reassurance. Both print and online press help here.
⦁ SEO – (Search Engine Optimisation) – online publications tend to offer backlinks, which is powerful in improving the ‘searchability’ of your website (meaning more people finding your website). The bigger the publication the bigger the domain ranking, the stronger the SEO benefit. Naturally, this is only possible for online articles.
⦁ Brand awareness – historically the most powerful part of PR historically – and it still has it place. Arguably an online article (which lives on the internet for years) vs a printed article will offer more brand awareness benefit.

We’d always favour online vs print press.

For credibility, SEO and brand awareness we’d always suggest national press.

Typically, it has better credibility (it’s better to appear in The Telegraph than the local newspaper); if it’s an online article, a national publication’s domain will have a better domain ranking than a local one and so you’ll benefit from stronger SEO; and lastly, brand awareness – we’d argue that even if a tiny percentage of a national publications readers are local to you – that can be a higher number than the readership of a local publication.

We like local press, but national press is always the way to go in reaching your marketing goals.

The short answer is … how long is a piece of string?! Sometimes it’s a matter of hours, whilst other times it’s months – it depends on a few things:

  •  The appetite for the content you’re offering the press
  • How quickly you approve press releases and pitches
  • How open minded you are

Even though we remove the risk of wasteful PR retainers – we aren’t magic!

Yes! You are in charge. You sign off Pay Per Results PR – Press Releases (so you can manage how many you send out according to your budget / what goals you want to achieve) and for Pay Per Results PR – Comment Pieces and Pay Per Results PR – Reviews – we’ll present you with each opportunity and you can accept or decline. Remember, every press release, review or comment is capped at £600 maximum.

We’re always happy to offer credit terms too.

Unfortunately, no we don’t – here’s our little criteria:
⦁ You’d be a joy to work with
⦁ You don’t work with another PR agency
⦁ You understand and respect how we work
⦁ You have a £150+ a month budget for PR
⦁ You have content that journalists would love
⦁ You want to work with us long-term

In essence, you’re asking us to work our little socks off and we don’t know you! We don’t credit checks – we take you at your word that you’ll pay for any press we get you. So for us, the deposit is security. It also makes sure that like us, you have some skin the game. We like to think that this is a partnership between the two of us.

It is a refundable deposit, if you don’t want to use our services or we are unable to help any further we will send your deposit straight back to you.

There is no catch. We have built our model from the ground up with the intention of offering Pay Per Results PR and low fees. We keep our business lean and results-focused. We don’t waste time (time is money) on waffle or on doing things for you (that we know won’t work) to keep you temporarily happy in order to keep you paying our retainer (we don’t have one!). We are very selective about who we work with (making sure we have a great bank of content and experts to offer the press) and we have great relationships with journalists – meaning we repeatedly secure articles. This is what we charge for.

In a nutshell, we are a lean mean machine, we have built this business model with the intention of Pay per Results PR and low fees to help small businesses/start-ups.  We are very process driven, we only take on clients we know we can get press for, we remove big chunks of waffle and chatter, and we don’t try forcing things through that journalists aren’t keen on. To do otherwise would cost us a bomb and we’d have to do what other agencies do and send you the bill.

We offer it because we have an ever-increasing bank of content from our clients covering tens of different sectors – we have hairdressers, doctors, lawyers and even shark experts! That’s a lot of content – from expert comment, review opportunities and stories. Our model also allows us to work ‘backwards’ – we always work off of what the press is looking for and what is topical and relevant. Because of this, we secure a lot of press for our clients and that’s what we charge for.

Account management. When you’re paying £2k, £3k, £5k a month – you’re going to get fancy reports, lunches and cosy chats – it’s great! They’ll be a lot of placating you and agreeing with you.

Although we are very lovely, we aren’t the same. We’re here to get you press. We don’t need to blow smoke up your ‘whats-it’ and lead you down the garden path – we’re going to be honest, clear and in your corner – we want you to get results (and meaningful ones).

You’ll have a Whatsapp group with us, calls (when necessary) and you’ll have live updates via our Monday.com platform. Everything we need for our partnership in getting you those column inches.

Absolutely not! First it’s important we get to know your goals (SEO / backlinks? Credibility? Brand awareness?) and we’ll work with you to achieve them – presenting you with opportunities that work for you.

Rarely, unless the story is all about you and super juicy then it’s unusual a journalist will give you final sign off (that’s why people buy ads).

We push for things – but our wishes aren’t always granted – ultimately, Editors hold that power.

Rather than getting bogged down by the details, it’s best to bring it back to what your marketing goals are and to push ahead with articles that will help you achieve them.

I’m afraid we can’t guarantee anything (except death and taxes). Alot of our clients want backlinks (to improve their SEO) – and we get tons and tons of them.

For Comment Pieces and Reviews we can ask journalists and/or tell them that what’s you want in exchange for your content – but even then it’s not always possible (as Editors have the final say).

For published press releases – naturally we can’t guarantee what a journalist will do with them (although we will follow up once a piece is published and ask for a backlink and usually get it).

As with all PR /marketing efforts, being closed-minded can really limit the results and it’s best to look at everything holistically.

Yes! We work with small businesses with small budgets so we don’t want anyone writing a ‘blank cheque’. Every press release, review or comment is capped at £600 maximum (which is very rarely reached – it just gives you a safety net). Remember, you sign off Pay Per Results PR – Press Releases (so you can manage how many you send out according to your budget / what goals you want to achieve) and for Pay Per Results PR – Comment Pieces and Pay Per Results PR – Reviews – we’ll present you with each opportunity and you can accept or decline – so you’re in charge.

Using Monday.com / Getting Updated / Account Management

Our team will update you regularly through your Monday.com board (we’ve got this!), however, if you have any burning questions or are wondering about an update, just use the ‘@’ sign and tag ‘in your account manager to ask your question on one of the speech bubbles. We’ll then get back to you ASAP!

As each member of the team has a different role, there are several points of contact for all of your PR, marketing and general client needs (check out our team here  ‘Meet the Team’). This means you may need to get into contact with one of us specifically. Just use the ‘@’ sign and type the name of the member of our team you wish to talk to on a speech bubble on your board! It’s really that simple.

On the right-hand-side of your Monday.com board you will see a ‘Status’ column. This is where we update your board, so yourself and the team know where you are at with your different projects and services. The team are very good at updating the board, so you don’t have to worry about changing or updating the board in any way, shape or form. Just sit back and relax!

Monday.com is our main source of data exchange and allows you to get live updates in real time from yours truly. It’s a place where all members of our team and your team can be involved, see what’s going on and can access everything,

Check out our guide on using Monday.com. If you’re struggling, let us know via Whatsapp and we’ll talk you through it.

Although Monday.com is our main point of call for our clients, you can get in touch with us in two other ways! Our client accounts manager will set up a WhatsApp group chat for you with members of the team who will be able to answer your questions and queries. We will also pitch you ideas for comment press releases via WhatsApp so it’s a great app to have!
Our team are very busy bees and we cannot answer the phone at any given time – however, if you need to speak to a member of the team via phone call, feel free to arrange this via the Monday.com board or WhatsApp!

Once you have accepted your invitation to join your Monday.com board, you will receive a little bit of homework to give us access to some imagery and logos that you are happy for us to use. You can find this through the notification you receive or upload the images on the section titled: Onboarding (client) and Images (inc. logo(s)). Click on the little speech bubble and create a new update. You can add your files using this ‘Add files’ button or copy and paste us a link to your drive of images.

We are always happy to chat but remember we are low-account management, high-result focused so we don’t offer weekly calls (we don’t want to take away valuable time from getting you those all-important results).
If you want an ad hoc talk – just let us know and we can book one in and we can have a natter.

Unfortunately we only offer phone calls (including Whatsapp and Facetime audio).
We don’t do video calls as we don’t want to look up your nose and we don’t want you to look up ours!

FAQs for Social Media Trial:

There’s absolutely no catch! We just want to show off how good we are and how it all works. If you don’t like it, that’s cool too! Glad we could help in some small way and we can still stay friends.

If you want to continue the service without any disruption to your social media posting, then the sooner the better as we write this in advance! Equally, tell us whenever you like, we’d love to help.

There are currently 3.81 billion people actively using social media in the world… that’s quite a lot of potential customers for your business! Signing up for a social media account is free so you may as well!

There’s no obligation to continue with our Social Media Writing and Posting service – as much as we’d love to be part of it! We’ll whizz back your deposit when you let us know (this can take 5-10 days to appear back on the card that you paid with).

Have a butchers at our process, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to edit and sign off your posts before we schedule them. Nothing will be posted without your approval!

While it may seem that social media is all about how many followers you have, it’s actually about showing off your brand to your potential customers. We’ll be honest with you and say that our writing and posting won’t move mountains for your business and get you thousands of sales, but it will have a small impact and it’ll definitely look and sound great whilst increasing the chances of customer engagement.

It’s important that your online ‘shop window’ looks great and best communicates your brand.

Absolutely. We’ll help you out when choosing which platforms are the best for your business!

No, we’ve got you. Our services include the posting part as well as the writing! Don’t have a dog and bark yourself…

We have two options for our Social Media Writing and Posting service. We can post twice a week, or five times a week (Monday-Friday).

Yes, for a very small fee. Here’s a link

FAQs for Traffic Ads:

Not quite. Traffic ads are more about driving thousands of people (your ideal customers) to your website – this massively improves the opportunity for sales!

We recommend £200 as a starting budget for your ads. This will get you between 2k-4k new users per month for your website depending on how the ads perform. Most of our clients start with this budget then begin to increase it when they see the difference! That’s a lovely bit of traffic.

We tend to run our client’s ads week by week and evaluate the results to see how we could get those costs down or get you even more results. We’ll tweak the demographic or ad design every now and then to ensure that we’re always getting the best results possible. Our motto is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

We will work with you to establish your demographic – we use this as a meaningful way to bring potential customers to your website. Your targeted audience should be as broad as it possibly can be rather than very specific. This increases the opportunity to send that all-important traffic to your website!

We think so! It’s a great way to send potential customers from your demographic directly to your website. Doing business without advertising is like winking at girl in the dark… you know you’re doing it but no one else does.

We’ll keep you updated by giving you weekly stats on things like number of new users, page views and enquiries. These updates will be posted on to your Monday.com board.

Your ad campaigns will be primarily run on Facebook but they can also appear on Instagram if this is connected to your Facebook page!

Sure. You could do all our services by yourself – but why would you when you have our expertise at hand? We’ve been creating successful ad campaigns for many years, for ourselves and hundreds of clients, plus, it’s only £150 a month!

A little example: Our ads have scored one of our dental clients nearly 4k new users per month since pressing ‘GO’ on their ads 12 months ago. That’s a lot of meaningful traffic.

Yes, you can pause at any time. We just need 2 weeks’ notice before our next renewal date.

In terms of traffic and page views, absolutely. In terms of sales… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Over a short period of time, you will begin to see results – or there’s no point in bloody doing it!