• Reviews & Press Coverage – Being featured in well-known publications not only provides superb brand awareness and does wonders for your SEO, it also gives your brand credibility. Having a great review of your gym or having your expert comments published in a recognisable, mainstream publication provides the consumer with the confidence that you are the best – people with respected opinions have endorsed you and that encourages consumers to invest in you. Thus, we secure all types of press to achieve maximum results for our fitness clients - digital and print, including reviews, features, news stories, line-ups and comment pieces.
  • Secure Celebrity & Influencer Endorsements – Celebrity endorsements are powerful – who doesn’t want to train with a personal trainer that’s worked with David Beckham or at a gym loved by Rhianna? But celebrity and influencer endorsements are pricey without the right contacts and relationships. We work on celeb / brand partnerships – low cost and (where possible) complimentary – maximising press and Social Media opportunities. We'll organise for on-trend, on-brand celebs to endorse your brand to their thousands, even millions, of followers.
  • Provide Beautiful Marketing Assets – It’s important our clients look great if they want to attract new customers. Who would want to train at a gym that looks dingy and out-dated? With our in-house videography and photography team and graphic design team, we can consistently create fresh, interesting and beautiful content for press releases, your website, and for promotional and Social Media use – showing you in your best light always. Below is an example of a promotional poster for our client's Naked Fitness class in NYC, designed by our graphic designer.
  • Create and Manage Sales-effective Social Media Profiles – there are approximately 3 billion users on social media world-wide, and the fitness community is one of the biggest on social media. To not join in on the action would be business-suicide. To bring in sales in this digital world, it’s vital to reach new audiences and connect with potential clients through social media, but few people do it right. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to create social content, run advertising campaigns, engage with our clients' target audience and send newsletters to grow their online presence and achieve maximum results (lots of lovely sales!)
  • Working on SEO – On top of our efforts to improve clinics’ SEO through onsite SEO (driving quality traffic to the websites and getting backlinks from top quality sites such as online publications) we work with our clients on their online shop window. This ensures the website is as Google-friendly as possible – and they are making the most of their online presence.
  • Steamy Digital Marketing – We offer a Steamy Digital Marketing package that incorporates the super snazzy stuff, and is highly effective in driving our hotel clients’ SEO and, thus, getting more heads on pillows. Through a mixture of methods – sales funnels, website tracking, PPC (Google Adwords) and link building – we set our clients above the rest and drive sales directly to their door.
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