Google My Business Account – Set Up & Optimised

Google My Business Account – Set Up & Optimised

We’ll set you up with an optimised Google My Business account.

What’s the damage?

We’ll set up your new Google My Business account for a one-off fee of £20!

How can this service help me?


Results explained

Improved Off-Site SEO means more people finding you after either searching for you or for your products / services – this will help boost your website traffic numbers.
More users on your website – without question – means more key page views, enquiries and sales.

The Process

1. Getting set up – we’ll ask you (as part of the onboarding process) for an email address, password, images, opening hours and website address you’d like to use for directory entries.
2. Getting you out there – we’ll get to work creating a completed profile (asking to to verify your address / email / phone number as we go).


As with all our services, our efforts are reported in real time on your board.

Lead times

Usually 2-5 working days.

Service Type

This is a one-off service and will not roll over to the following month.


We’ll need some details from you – an email address & password you’d like to use, opening hours, your logo, photos, a telephone number and an address.