Graphic Design


When it comes to social media, graphics and imagery are key to your overall content strategy. No matter how great the text is, no one will notice it unless it’s accompanied with nice visuals to grab your viewers attention. That’s where our clever graphic design services come in!

Note: You have to be signed up to our Social Media Writing & Posting to be eligible for our graphic design.

We offer three different graphic services:

Standalone Graphic (Designed)

We buy with our eyes – give your customers something sparkly to look at. We will create you a one-off graphic of anything you like.

A Stand-Alone Graphic will cost you just £29.99 (including VAT).

Template Graphic (Designed)

These are useful for when you want to have a variety of posts using a set graphic.

Think quote posts, offer posts or before and after.

A Template Graphic will cost you just £29.99 (including VAT).

Graphic from Designed Template

Who doesn’t like a professional, beautiful social media profile or page?

We can then edit your Template Graphic at a fraction of the cost of creating a stand-alone graphic. Plus they are pretty!

An edited graphic using your Designed Template will cost you just £5.99 (including VAT).

The process


Setting the scene...

Tell us what kind of graphic you’re looking for on our Social Media Writing & Posting set-up call (with examples if that’s helpful). Colours, fonts, styles and purpose of the graphic is a great start.


How do I look?

We’ll send over some ideas for you to tell us what you like. You can ask us to make edits or changes to the graphic before we sign them off.


Finished product

We’ll send you over the final product for you to show off and post all over your social media platforms. It’s really that easy!