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Back in 2006 when we didn’t know what to do in life, we did one of two things. We searched for a Wiki How-to guide, or desperately posted on Yahoo Answers. Nowadays, we simply Google. It’s safe to say Google should never be underestimated, and 10/10 would say this is especially the case for businesses.

Think of Google Analytics as your very own Mystic Meg for your website; she knows all. GA shows your data from all channels that are directing traffic to your website, including organic search (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media, referrals/backlinks, and direct traffic.

In other, less buzzier terms, GA gives you a way to monitor who is coming to your site and how. Enabling you to review what is working well in terms of advertising and what isn’t. By having it all in one place, too, it becomes the gold standard in digital marketing tools.

By driving traffic, you should be driving sales. GA is the ultimate life hack in understanding your online audience as it monitors everything from what country they’re browsing from, how long they were on your site for, what pages they clicked, heck, even their age!

Using this info wisely, you can gauge how well your methods are working in driving traffic and converting it into sales. While it’s great knowing how many people have visited your site and where they came from, do you know if they’re converting? GA allows you to set up goals to track when a user completes a certain action on your site. This means you can refine the customer’s journey of using your site – reducing the bounce rate – by combining GA’s data metrics with your own business goals. With the help of GA, you might realise that that online ad you spend £££ per month isn’t worth the cash. Allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your strategies; saving and making you money.

GA is the MVP of digital marketing. It’s super helpful metrics monitor nearly all aspects of your website’s performance. But if you don’t have a clue how to use them or what you want to achieve, it’ll just be numbers on a page to you – do a little research, go on a course (or chat to us) and turn those numbers into cash!

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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