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The competition for attention on social media has never been more intense, with more and more businesses realising that paid-for ads are the best way to ensure you get in front of as many users as you can. But it’s not just a matter of buying your way onto a platform and seeing what happens. Any good social ad strategy needs to be just that: strategic.

To help you put this incredibly important tool to good use, Sanity Marketing’s Jordan Baker has 5 crucial tips for making sure your social ads do what you need them to do:

  1. Budget carefully – don’t fall into the trap of thinking that more money = more impact. Not so. It’s all too easy to splash out on more than you need; as with any element of business, the trick is to make a reasonable budget go further and last longer.
  2. Make a proper plan… – given you’re going to be investing in these ads, you need to know what your expectations are and what it is you’re trying to achieve. More clicks? More purchases? Better brand recognition? Different goals require different strategies, so think clearly.
  3. …and monitor your success – it’s all very well having a plan with clear goals, but once it’s underway, you need to make sure it’s working. And don’t just check once every six months; set short-term targets and keep checking if you’re keeping up with the trend you want to see.
  4. Quality is everything – however professional your SEO/ analytics game is, it won’t matter if the content of your ads is subpar. So be ruthless when it comes to typos, grammar and choice of pictures, and don’t forget to keep your ads as consistent as possible. If you don’t, your carefully planned strategy will just look like a hot mess – and not the fun kind.
  5. Don’t forget the rest – if you’ve rolled out a social ad strategy and aren’t seeing the impact you were hoping for, don’t just pull the ads and start again. Work out exactly what’s wrong. If people aren’t clicking through, that’s one thing – but if your problem is conversions once people are on your site, that could be part of a more complicated problem. Be prepared to investigate properly and make appropriate actions.

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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