HOW TO Create a Facebook pixel for your small business

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A Facebook pixel is a clever little tool that absolutely every website needs to be using. It’s nothing fancy, merely a code you place on your website’s backend or install using a Plugin. That being said, the pixel has a major role in both analytics and remarketing – two hotly contested fields only growing in popularity.

The pixel works through using cookies to track website visitors and their movements, collecting useful data which you can use to retarget users with Facebook ads in the future.

And with this simple guide, we’ll show you how to make a Facebook Pixel in no time at all.

1. Event Manager – head to your Facebook ‘Event Manager’ page and click on the Pixels tab. You’ll find this tab on the left side of the page under data sources. Once you’ve located it, click the “Create a Pixel” button.

2. Choosing how to install Pixel – once you’ve clicked on the “Create a Pixel” button, you’ll be presented with three different options of how to install your Facebook Pixel to your website.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to manually install it, but Facebook also gives you the option to send instructions to a developer via email or have the code installed via one of Facebook’s partner sites. Click on the middle option for manual install.

3. Using the code – after selecting manual install, you will be presented with a paragraph of HTML code. Simply copy the code and paste into the bottom of the header section of your website, right near the </head> tag. Then install the base code on every page of your website. If you’d rather use a Plugin on WordPress, there are several great options available that’ll do all the heavy lifting for you – just requiring you to paste in the pixel ID.

4. Testing – in order to ensure the pixel base code was added correctly, use the testing option provided. Simply enter your website’s URL into the search bar and wait to see if the status is shown as active. This may take several minutes to work properly.

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