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A perfect social media presence is important for any business to have. And one platform that’s done wonders for businesses wishing to up their social game is Twitter. Through Twitter, companies have been able to establish more personal connections with followers (ie. providing better customer service) whilst also being able to keep them updated quickly with new information.

With this guide, we’ll show you not only how to set up an account but how to make your account informative and effective. 

1. Make the account – the first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for an account. Go to Twitter’s home page and click ‘sign up’. You’ll be given an option to pick either signing up via phone or email, but for this walkthrough we’ll be using email.

After you’ve entered your name and email address, you’ll have a verification code sent to your email inbox. Enter this code into the space provide on Twitter and then proceed to the next page where you will pick your Twitter username (sometimes called your ‘handle’) and display name.

2. Creating the right pictures – now that you have an account, its time you add your profile and banner pictures. Don’t leave them blank or worse, choose ugly photos. For your profile picture, choose an image that best represents your brand (logo) – try to make it about 400 x 400 pixels.

As far as your banner picture, this will only be visible on your profile page so you should think of it as a billboard. It is an image that highlights and informs followers of something you want them to know about. You should swap out this image occasionally in order to promote new things and keep your page fresh. The recommended size for this image is 1500 x 500 pixels.

3. Filling out your bio – a quality bio is highly important for any business page on Twitter. Under your profile page, click ‘Edit Profile’ and then click the text box named ‘Bio’. In 160 characters or less, you need to show what makes your page special and worth following, while also being informative and professional. You should use this space to let followers know your business hours, contact emails (assuming you don’t plan on responding to Twitter direct messages), a link to your website and anything else you think is important.

4. Pinned Tweet – a pinned tweet is a Twitter post that is permanently pinned to the top of your accounts feed. Most profiles use this to show off a post they are proud of, but for business accounts this is an opportunity to tell people more about your company. Anything you couldn’t put in your bio can go here and you can use this post to further inform your followers on any important issues or events happening with your business. To pin a tweet, click on the ‘more’ option on the Tweet you want to pin and select ‘Pin to your profile page.’

5. Connect with other accounts – now that your Twitter profile has been set up, its time to do the finishing touches and connect it with other social media accounts. Follow people you know, follow people who follow your competitors, and start sending out regular tweets to build a following.

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