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So, you’ve collected a long list of contacts in MailChimp but want to export them…

While this might seem like a daunting task, worry not because MailChimp has made it incredibly simple to export your contacts on to your computer.

Simply follow this guide and we’ll show you just how easy it is to move and manage your information.

1. Configure Contacts table – first click on your ‘audience’ tab and then select the ‘current audience’ option. Then click ‘view contacts’ and then the ‘toggle columns’ drop-down menu.

Uncheck the boxes for the fields you’d like to hide. Reorder the columns by holding the three dots located next to the names, with the checked off boxes being together and first. Then finally, hit save.

2. Exporting – you can export several different ways, the first of which is exporting segments. A segment is essentially a list within the list – perhaps it’s a segment of people who’ve purchased something. Once again navigate to the ‘audience’ tab and click ‘view contacts’, followed by ‘view segment’. Then click the ‘export segment’ button and then download your export as a CSV to your computer.

You can also export as tagged contacts. A tagged contact may be someone you know always purchases items during a sale. Go to the ‘audience’ tab then under ‘view contacts’, click filter by tab. You can then choose what kind of tab you want to filter by. Once you’ve selected the appropriate tabs, hit ‘export segment’ and once again download your export as a CSV to your computer.

3. Open files – now that you’ve successfully exported your files, you can open them. Go to either Excel or Google Sheets and open the exported files from your downloads. They will then open up as spreadsheets. They will save as a CSV but you can change the format if you need to edit the data.

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