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Social media isn’t just for cat videos or fancy dinner pictures. In these modern times, it can actually play a large part in people’s careers.

While not as glamorous as Instagram or Facebook, LinkedIn is still super valuable on the professional side of things – offering a great place to build online business connections and search for work opportunities. If you want to get serious about your career, you’ll need a LinkedIn account.

And with our simple guide, we’ll make sure your account get started on the right foot.

1. Signing up – start by going to LinkedIn website and clicking the ‘sign-up’ option. From here you’ll be given the choice of signing up via email or your Facebook account. Signing up via Facebook means you’ll have an easier time connecting with Facebook friends who have a LinkedIn account, while signing up via email will let you connect to those in your email contacts log. You’ll also need to confirm your account via a code sent to you in your email address for the second option.

2. Setting up your profile – now that you’ve made your account, its time to add details to your profile. You’ll be immediately taken through a series of pages to help you with this and while you can skip them, its highly suggested that you don’t. First you’ll set your location, followed by your most recent employer and job title. You’ll also be given an option to set up a job alert for specific occupations or companies. You’ll also be asked to upload a profile picture. Because of the business nature of LinkedIn, we’d highly suggest that that you choose a professional and easily identifiable photo of yourself.

3. Community – after setting up the basics of your profile, you’ll be taken to the community portion of your account. From here you can enter in your email to connect with those in your contact list or search for your co-worker’s accounts. Sending out connection requests will allow you to make more visible connections – ensuring your profile looks real to other users. Additionally, being connected will allow you to message and interact with other users more easily. The more connections you have the easier it will be for you to find the jobs and people you’re interested in.

4. Connecting and following – the last part of your initial set up will be connecting to and following people/companies of interest. This will allow you to see content shared by these users as well as see any possible job openings they might have. Who you follow will also affect what pages and connections LinkedIn may suggest to you. Following certain pages will put you on the radar of recruiters who regularly message relevant users with job opportunities. However, you will need to make sure you’re account is visible by recruiters. This option can be found in your profile page.

5. Filling out your profile – now that you’ve fully set up your account, you should take the time to fill it out. Go to you profile page and click the green pencil button on the right side of the page. From there, you’ll be able to add other jobs you’ve had, the time spent there, your title, a description of what you did and any places where you’ve studied. Your profile will also give you an option to fill out a bio to make your account look more welcoming and professional. You should also take this chance to fill out skills on your profile in order to for companies to see if you’re a strong candidate during the application process.

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