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Instagram is easily one of the most important social media platforms for any small business.

Its use of trendy filters, implementation of stories, and short form video has made it one of the juggernauts of social media – so you have to be part of it to be taken seriously.

With this handy guide, we’ll not only show you how to get your Instagram page up and running, but how to make it business ready too.

1. Creating an account – the first and most explanatory step is to create an Instagram account. Download the Instagram app and select the highlighted ‘sign up’ button at the bottom. From there you’ll be given the option of signing up via email or with your Facebook account. You will also need to fill out your name and choose a handle. Choose something simple and unique for your business.  

2. Filling out the details – once you’ve made your account, its time to spruce it up and fill it out. Start by clicking on the ‘edit profile’ button at the top of your account page. From here you should upload a profile picture, write a bio for your page, and add a link to your website. After that, begin to upload photos to your account on a regular basis.

Uploading quality images consistently and using 30 relevant hashtags on each post is the best way to start gaining a following. You can also upload stories and highlights, plus post short videos via IGTV.

3. Making account for business – if you want your Instagram to be more than just a personal brand, you’ll want to switch your account to a business profile. This will allow you to have more options – including improved analytics and the ability to promote posts.

In order to do this, click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner of your profile page and then select ‘options’. You’ll see an option for switching to a Business Profile.

4. Selecting – once you’ve clicked the option to switch to business account, fill out the necessary information and now your Instagram page is officially a business page.

5. Taking advantage of Analytics – the key advantage of an Instagram Business page is the added option of Instagram Analytics tools. This can be found in your profile’s options. After clicking on ‘Analytics’, you’ll be able to see your engagement numbers, your page’s reach, the peak time for your follower activity levels, etc. This information will allow you to see what kind of content appeals to your userbase the most and will allow to better target your key demographic. 

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