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Every business needs a perfect online presence; however, this isn’t just limited to typical social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter. You’ll want to make sure your business is showing up in search engines in order to draw in the most amount of people possible. And one of the most effective, often overlooked ways of doing this is through a Bing Places Listing.

Bing is the second largest search engine (it may be second place, but it still has 1 billion monthly unique visitors!) and with a Bing Places Listing, you can make sure your small business shows up in relevant searches. And with this simple guide, we’ll show you how to get that account started.

1. Create account – first, you’ll need to go to the Bing Places website and click ‘new user’. You’ll be presented an option to link your account with an existing Google Business account. If you have one already, which we’d strongly recommend, select this option. This will save you time filling out information for your account, instantly verifies your account and is highly beneficial for off-site SEO. If you do not have a Google Business account, click the option on the right.

2. Fill out info – begin to fill out your company’s information. In the next screen, you’ll be presented with a list of businesses that match the information you’ve provided. If your business did not show up under the search results, then click the ‘Create New Business’ button instead. Your next step will require you to log in with a Microsoft account. If you do not have one, you’ll need to make one to continue. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to fill out more information including your business hours, business contact number and links to your social media URLs. Lastly you’ll need to upload a profile picture and up to 10 photos of your business.

3. Verification – for the final step, you’ll need to verify your account. Bing will give you the option of either verifying it via email or a letter in the post. Choose whichever option best suits you best and then click ‘next’. You’ll then be taken to a new page where you can see if your business has been verified or not. Once you’ve received your verification code, go to the Bing Places dashboard and verify your business by entering the provided pin code. Once you’ve done this, your Bing Business Listing will be fully set up.

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