The ultimate guide to using

At Sanity HQ, is our holy grail. Not only do we use it to keep organised, and stay in touch as a team, but it’s the easiest and most straightforward way of keeping you up to date!
This little guide will give you all the help you need to make sure that you are a fully-fledged whizz and can get updates in real time for your press and marketing services.



  1. Once you’ve confirmed that you are happy to be onboarded and you have paid your deposit, we’ll send you a lovely invite to join your shiny new board.
  2. You can now create your account on with an email address and a password of your choosing.


  • Download the app.

    We recommend that you download the app (for free) on your mobile device as well as your desktop so you can access your board wherever you are! This will save you logging in to every time you need to access a board and means you can quickly respond to the team or ask us questions instantaneously. It’s really fab.


(A little bit of homework…)

  • Once your account has been created, we will send you a little bit of homework to complete as soon as you can. This will include uploading/sharing a drive of any imagery/logos you want to use in any press or social media posts.


Leave the hard work to us and let’s get you some results!


Your board will have everything you will ever need all in one place. Here’s a little description explaining why your board looks like this… there’s method to the madness!

Your information:

  • At the top of your board you will find your business name, website, start date and contract type and those all-important (slightly boring) T’s & C’s. All guests that are part of your board can be found at the top.


On your board you will find different tables and groups containing information on the services that you have signed up for.

  • Useful info: This is where we will store all the useful information that we collect on your intro call, such as your one-liner about what you do.
  • Goals/Plan: This is where we store the information about the goals you want to achieve with us!
  • Brands: if you have other brands under your wing, they’ll be found here.
  • Published: This is where you will find all the pieces of press that we have got you published! This will include publication, title and date!
  • Months: This details the services that you have had within the month and the notice period.
  • Breakdown of your chosen services (press releases, comment pieces and reviews): this will give you a status of where we are at with what we are working on for you.
  • Onboarding: This is where we will ask you for any images or other documents we may need.
  • *Social Media (etc!): If you have opted for any social media or digital marketing services this group will appear here.

Using / Getting Updated / Account Management

Our team will update you regularly through your board (we’ve got this!), however, if you have any burning questions or are wondering about an update, just use the ‘@’ sign and tag ‘in your account manager to ask your question on one of the speech bubbles. We’ll then get back to you ASAP!

As each member of the team has a different role, there are several points of contact for all of your PR, marketing and general client needs (check out our team here  ‘Meet the Team’). This means you may need to get into contact with one of us specifically. Just use the ‘@’ sign and type the name of the member of our team you wish to talk to on a speech bubble on your board! It’s really that simple.

On the right-hand-side of your board you will see a ‘Status’ column. This is where we update your board, so yourself and the team know where you are at with your different projects and services. The team are very good at updating the board, so you don’t have to worry about changing or updating the board in any way, shape or form. Just sit back and relax! is our main source of data exchange and allows you to get live updates in real time from yours truly. It’s a place where all members of our team and your team can be involved, see what’s going on and can access everything,

Check out our guide on using If you’re struggling, let us know via Whatsapp and we’ll talk you through it.

Although is our main point of call for our clients, you can get in touch with us in two other ways! Our client accounts manager will set up a WhatsApp group chat for you with members of the team who will be able to answer your questions and queries. We will also pitch you ideas for comment press releases via WhatsApp so it’s a great app to have!
Our team are very busy bees and we cannot answer the phone at any given time – however, if you need to speak to a member of the team via phone call, feel free to arrange this via the board or WhatsApp!

Once you have accepted your invitation to join your board, you will receive a little bit of homework to give us access to some imagery and logos that you are happy for us to use. You can find this through the notification you receive or upload the images on the section titled: Onboarding (client) and Images (inc. logo(s)). Click on the little speech bubble and create a new update. You can add your files using this ‘Add files’ button or copy and paste us a link to your drive of images.

We are always happy to chat but remember we are low-account management, high-result focused so we don’t offer weekly calls (we don’t want to take away valuable time from getting you those all-important results).
If you want an ad hoc talk – just let us know and we can book one in and we can have a natter.

Unfortunately we only offer phone calls (including Whatsapp and Facetime audio).
We don’t do video calls as we don’t want to look up your nose and we don’t want you to look up ours!