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There’s a lot of irony in how one of the most heated discussions on Twitter is ‘how valuable it is (or isn’t) as a social media platform’.

With over 300 million users, you’d expect Twitter to have impressive user growth statistics. Yet, 300 million – as big as it sounds – is only one fifth the size of social media powerhouse, Facebook, and is even smaller than the Facebook-owned Instagram. Yikes.

Since mid-2014, Twitter’s monthly active users have been on a steady decline. Investors are wigging out as Facebook and Snapchat’s Millennial fanbases continue to grow and Twitter has become more of a failed timeshare for Gen Z-ers than a permanent social home.

In recent years, the originally text-dedicated Twitter has been launching new services for brands to keep up with other platforms that had these included from the get-go. Think sponsored tweets that give brands the ability to create interactive campaigns and inviting influencers and celebrities to participate in #sponsored campaigns.

Yet, as much as Twitter is playing catch-up with its competitors, tonnes of journalists are still writing up ‘The End of Twitter’ headlines. Words such as “outdated,” “unpopular,” and the rather catchy “will be dead within three years,” are thrown around in abandon.

Trending hashtags such as #RIPTwitter, and the aviary of users commenting on attempts to improve user experience doing more harm than good – show all. Double yikes.

But Twitter refuses to give up. Egg display pictures may not seem attractive to some Millennials anymore, but Twitter is hatching up new ways to keep teens keen. Their efforts extend into inventing new ways to monetise and keep it a vital service for clients and brands alike in shaping the conversations they have about the brands they love.

As a PR agency – we like Twitter – it’s a conversational platform that allows our brands to ‘chat’ with their audience. It’s also the home to many journalists – which can’t hurt.

Although we have lessened the importance of Twitter in our client’s digital marketing campaigns – we still consider Twitter a strong cornerstone for a small businesses’ Digital Marketing efforts.

Lola thinks you should look at the services we offer to make the magic happen...

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