Lola Felicia
The Chihuahua

It would be nothing short of an insult to describe Lola as just a team mascot; because she’s worthy of so much more. An international fashion icon, an influencer, artist and Chihuahua rights pioneer are just a handful of the titles we could bestow upon her; but of course, we could never do her justice. Lola is the inspiration behind Sanity, the concrete in its foundations, the gift that keeps on giving, and the daily moral support of its team. Just like the ravens in the Tower of London, Sanity would be far from the success it enjoys today without the pitter patter of tiny Chihuahua feet in the background! You go Lola!


Likes: Lunches at The Ivy, Uber rides and shopping for new dresses.


Dislikes: Below-par caviar, cheap champagne and the rain.