MailChimp Account - Set Up

MailChimp Account - Set Up

We’ll set you up with a MailChimp account and import a list(s) for you.

What’s the damage?

To set up your MailChimp account, we charge a small fee of £20!

How can this service help me? (Core/Initial Results)

For how Newsletters can help you, see – Newsletters – Written – Fresh Content

Results explained

You’ll need a newsletter software like MailChimp to send out newsletters. Newsletters are a great tool for remarketing to interested parties.
For how Newsletters can help you click here

The Process

1. Getting set up – you’ll tell us what email and password you want to use for your new account.
2. Lists – we’ll import your newsletter list for you.
3. Confirmation – we’ll provide you (via your board) with the username / email address and password for your new account.


As with all our services, our efforts are reported in real time on your board.

Lead times

Usually 2-5 working days.

Service Type

This is a one-off service and will not roll over to the following month.


An email address & password you’d like to use and any lists you have for importing.

Required services

Newsletter – Written Up – With Fresh Content
Newsletter – Written Up – Using Existing Content (such as blogs and graphics)
Newsletter – Uploaded to a Mailchimp Template & Sent Out
Newsletter – Template Created on MailChimp