Our method – what makes it different and why are we so cocky?

February 18, 2018
May 18, 2018
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Our method – what makes it different and why are we so cocky?

Before setting up Sanity Marketing I had zero PR experience. Zero.

On our original website (which I designed myself because I was too poor to hire a designer) I erroneously noted down that we did Press Relations (not realising it was actually Public Relations).

Nobody noticed – which says more about the number of website visitors I had at the time more than anything else.

As a journalist, I did know two things though – firstly that PR was powerful, and secondly that PR was being poorly done.

I also knew it was lucrative – and so Sanity Marketing was born.

Our method

Due to this lack of knowledge – I came into the industry with no preconceived notions – just my understanding of how the press work.

Our method was born out of this understanding, and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. It’s a very simple idea – we use press to get what our clients want – and we do it in the noisiest way possible.

The first thing to appreciate is that we don’t control the media. We don’t sell ‘editorial’ opportunities. What we do is give the press what they want – we give them a reason to care about our clients and then we get the chance to put our message in.

Our target is publications with masses of online readers (regardless of the demographics of the readership). Print is dead (for those wanting to see quick results) and SEO and clickable links are king.

No one cares

It’s this conception of fitting in with the press that new clients struggle with. Unless you are a big brand – the press don’t care about you. Period. They don’t care that the food in your restaurant tastes nice, they don’t care that you’ve designed a new line of dresses and they don’t care that you have a new feature of your app. They just don’t care.

Making journalists care

How do we make them care? We give them what they want – interesting, clickable content – news, topical stories, tips and signs of culturally / seasonally relevant topics, review opportunities and (boring but sometimes useful) comments.

Selling something to someone you know wants to buy it is so much easier. We even write certain pieces with a particular publication / journalist in mind.

We go from a position of – ‘what does the press want and how can we take advantage of that for our clients’; rather than the traditional – what does my client want to say. No one cares.

No content is wasted

And what do we do with content that no one picks up? We recycle it into blogs for client’s websites and articles for their e-newsletters. We also rewrite them into future press releases.

As a team of writers – our writing is what we are selling – and we don’t like to see it wasted.

How do we know our method works?

Our method works. It has worked for mass market brands and high-end brands.

We’ve used it to make clients famous, to get clients to no.1 rankings for their key words, to help apps raise £2.85m, to fill appointment books for 3 months at a time and even to get £10,000 bookings for high-end Feng Shui consultations.

Mass press works – whether your business serves John Smith or Queen Elizabeth.

Why so cocky?

We love our method so much that we use it ourselves to market our own things – mainly our events.

In two days we can sell out six events (£27,000 in tickets). And with the newly created we are now investing in businesses and applying our method to them.

At times our method is uncomfortable, but once a new client sees the quick results they become avid fans just as quickly.


Jordan Baker
Jordan Baker

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