Sanity's No-Brainer Retainer

The world's cheapest PR retainer - just 99p/month!

Want regular press in renowned publications for your small business, but can’t afford the costs and risks of an expensive PR agency? 

That’s where we come in.

We’re well known for putting the Sanity into small business PR, with our Pay Per Result, no risk and low fee PR service. But we are now going to take our mission further, and make PR cheaper and more accessible to small businesses. 

Introducing the world’s cheapest PR retainer at just 99p/month (including VAT). We call it Sanity’s ‘No-brainer retainer‘. 

For this small fee, we will regularly reach out to you with opportunities for you to be featured in the press. These opportunities will be to offer expert comments on the topics you’re keen to talk about, as well as interview opportunities, and to be featured in a lineup. We’ll then package those comments or details from you and whizz them off to the relevant journalist for (hopeful) publication, and for interviews we will arrange the logistics (for / with you). 

These press opportunities will include local, national, and international publications as well as radio and TV.

There are no extra fees and no hidden costs – just 99p/month and we’ll send you plenty of opportunities to be featured in the press

There is no contract, no obligation, and you can unsubscribe at any time. 

There’s no limit to what we will pitch you, and no limit to the articles you can have with us. If you get 50 articles a month for your 99p, good for you. 

Remember us when you’re famous!


what can you talk to the press about?

When you subscribe, we’ll ask you what you can talk to the press about.

For a full list of our topics, services, products and sector, click here.


e.g. Beauty, Mental Health, Food & Drink, Motoring, and Business.


e.g. Furniture, Cleaning, Technology, Haircare, Books, and Jewellery. 


e.g. B2C, B2B, and E-commerce.


e.g. Aesthetics, Accommodation, and Restaurants.

The Process


Sign up with us

Fill in our form with your details and we can get you signed up to our subscription.


Opportunities sent your way

We’ll send you periodic opportunities to be in the press via email, according to the topics you are interested in commenting on (e.g. beauty, fashion, legal issues, etc.) 


Take it or leave it (we won't be offended!)

If an opportunity doesn’t take your fancy, just ignore us (we’ll pitch to you regularly). If it does, follow the instructions in the email and we’ll submit your comments to the publication. 


Let's celebrate!

If your comments are published, we will let you know and we can celebrate together!

How great does that sound?

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