Our Mission Statement


We want to put the sanity in the marketing industry – making high-quality, result-yielding marketing accessible to small businesses worldwide.

Small business marketing can be a minefield – a big, dangerous, confusing, expensive minefield.

There’s tons and tons of insanity to avoid – whether it’s hiring multiple freelancers (where the whole marketing effort can be a little disjointed – with confused messaging, ugly and inconsistent assets and incoherent tracking); hiring a posh agency who love to talk strategy and want draconian fixed term contracts and thousands and thousands of a small business’ hard-earned money; or owners doing it themselves and perhaps being a little lost or off-base as to what will resonate with their customers or the press.

To address these issues, our 30+ services are low-fee; goals, ROI and results-focused and are available one-off or on a monthly recurring basis (with only 14-days’ notice needed).

Contrary to the usual PR / Marketing agency model, we want to build long-term, meaningful, symbiotic relationships with a mass number of clients (and contacts) worldwide. Starting off relationships with only a handful of low-fee, high-results services where we can show off our results (helping to hit marketing goals and provide a strong ROI) and gain trust in our methods, before adding on more services and growing with the client.

These relationships encourage referrals (through referral schemes), reviews (through incentives) and provide a steady stream of case studies – all encouraging our client base to grow.

We will focus on building up a rota of influencer and celebrity clients (supported by us for free) and a network of journalists all to call upon to support us in turn.

We’ll be an organisation of automation and systems, supported by a network of talented, world class experts – from Account Managers, customer service teams, PR professionals and Digital Marketers. At each point, processes will be stream-lined to keep labour costs low.

Our in-team experts will spend their time adding knowledge & value, quality checking and mentoring other team members – allowing us to keep pushing the boundaries. We’ll also strongly promote knowledge-seeking – ensuring our team are leaders in their respective fields.

Clients will feel ‘apart of something’ – with regular events organised for them to meet the CEO, the team, journalists, influencers and celebrities.

Our services will increasingly go towards the Pay Per Results model – eliminating risk for clients and maximising their ROI; as well as reducing the barrier of onboarding new clients – allowing us to cultivate more new client relationships.

We want to continually develop our services to a point where we are delivering not just enquiries and leads but actual customers (supported with CRMs and possibly call-centres for book ins).

All Sanity team members will be heavily incentivised to achieve results and promote the growth of the company. 

We’ll work on our profile as Marketing experts – providing educational blogs, videos and potentially seminars, talks and training courses. We’ll also operate our own publication – Sanity Online. Providing a home for press releases and blogs and giving us another public-facing persona. 

This method will also give us the experience, reach, resources, infrastructure and manpower to represent the big boys in the future (using the same methodology). This in turn will provide case studies and referrals – encouraging more clients; as well as cementing our relationships with journalists, celebrities, influencers and agents.   

For additional revenue streams, we’ll use our methods and expert team for our own projects and investments.

We will look into further opportunities to put the sanity into other industries that support small businesses.


Jordan Baker, CEO
Sanity Marketing