Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Service types:

We like to keep things clear and simple – as is the Sanity way!

We have four types of services to help support your small business marketing needs:

  • Set Up Services – these are a collection of services you’ll need to start your marketing journey with us or when starting another new service with us. These are one-off services and so you’ll only be billed the once.
  • Pay Per Results PR Services – these services will help boost your brand awareness and all the good stuff that comes with that. We only do Pay Per Results PR – so we put our money where our mouth is. These are recurring services.
  • Digital Marketing Services – these services will help up your Digital Marketing game. Some of these services are recurring services and some are one-off services.
  • Supporting Services – these services will support your marketing activities – from graphic design to videography. These are one-off services and so you’ll only be billed the once.

One-off vs Recurring Services:

We put the sanity into your marketing and as part of that promise we don’t believe in holding people to long contracts with retainers – usually it’s only advantageous to the agency, not you as the small business client. We think that sucks.

With that in mind, our services are either one-off or recurring.

One-off services will only be charged the once (in advance upon ordering); recurring services will remain on your account month on month until you give at least 14-days’ notice to cancel in writing before your account’s next renewal date. We have clearly labelled each service as to whether they are one-off services or recurring services.