Our Approach as Ex-Journalists

As a team of ex-journalists we approach PR differently to traditional ‘PRs’. We look at where we can fit our clients into the current press appetites, rather than the other way around.

In this way, we work with journalists – giving them the stories they need to keep their editors happy (no matter how wacky – in fact, the wackier the better!) – in turn securing coverage for our clients. With a little black book - we have journo buddies who owe us a few favours – and it helps that we have a few celeb pals too!)

The most powerful tool in our arsenal is press – and boy do we get a lot of press.

In particular we use:

  • News stories – we dream big. We create interesting news stories we know the press will lap up – naked events, beach parties in NYC restaurants and cocktails containing dangerous venom... We tailor these stories to the press to keep costs down (we think of how it will look once written – the delivering of the event, stunt or product is rarely important). In that way – news stories are like theatre. The name of the game is to collect as many online articles as possible – using our clients key words for search engines. As well as creating intrigue with readers (though this is secondary). The result? The readers have something fun to read, the press have content (and clickbait) and clients get a nice online boast.
  • Comment pieces – we keep our finger on the pulse and generate opportunities for clients to comment on trends, news and feature pieces. Having journalist buddies helps here too. With some clients getting two to four pieces a week – the online footprint soon adds up.
  • Potential articles – we send out regular press releases to journalists, with useful online content, as well as securing online press - it's a useful way to introduce clients (with a little gift of content) and opens doors for future pieces.
  • Reviews – reviews are shining endorsements from top notch, respected publications- useful in any PR campaign.
  • Line ups & Run Downs – everyone loves a line up. Not as powerful as news stories - but valuable all the same.

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