Our Values


Our values are really important to us – they shape where we want to go (our mission), and who we hire and who we work with.

In the true spirit of sanity, our values spell out SANE (naturally):


(We keep things simple)

We like to keep things simple and we value process. 

We’re always thinking of ways to streamline processes – meaning more results for our PR Partners at a lower price point. 

As part of our commitment to simplicity, we focus on the bigger picture and don’t get bogged down by the minutiae. 

We’re all straight shooters here – we don’t fib, exaggerate or bullshit – that’s all headache-enduing! 

We’re also clear and transparent – that means no waffle, jargon and hours of ‘strategy-meetings’ – they are the enemy of achieving results. 

Our Mission Statement and Our Values are on laid bare on the website and our services all do what they say on the tin.



We achieve results. Activity is nice, but results are our real currency (literally – in many cases that’s all we charge for).

We pop open the bubbles for each success and proudly herald it at every opportunity. We like to be known as the agency who achieved ‘this’ and ‘that’ – in a world of agencies who instead prefer to tell you what work they did and list the ‘pending’ results.


We grow our network – in the words of Bette Midler “you gotta have friends” – the agency is built on relationships with Partners (the more the merrier) and a growing network of journalists, celebrities, influencers, agents and contacts). We want to grow our influence throughout the world – the more Partners, the more referrals, the more opportunities available to journalists, celebrities and influencers, the more results for Partners, the more referrals and around we go again… We also like to grow alongside our Partners. We value long-term friendship over short-term gain.






We push the envelope.

Never ones to rest on our laurels – we are fixated with being bigger, better and faster. Whether it’s growth for the agency, personal development or going that extra mile for a Partner – we’re all about. We know that progress is a series of failures so we aren’t afraid of trial & error – putting things out into the universe and seeing what sticks (and binning those that don’t). We aren’t psychics – otherwise we’d be doing world tours. But with our thirst for knowledge, if we don’t know something, you can bet that we’ll be experts by the end of the day.