How will PR help my business?

We like to take the risk out of PR, so we work with our partners to decide what their goals for PR is and then we set to work – only charging for articles that tick that box.

PR best serves you when you want a little bit of everything – so we always recommend being open-minded.


Nothing else offers social proof like a press badge on your website or socials (especially if you’re a small business or fresh on the market).

If this is a goal for you, we’ll work with you on a list of key publications you’d like to be featured in. 


What will credibility do you for my business?

When a publication features you / your comment – they are heralding you as an expert in your field and helps you stand out from the crowd. Think of it as a ringing endorsement of your expertise.


brand awareness

More people getting to know you exist is a wonderful thing – and most importantly, you want to get in front of potential customers.

If this is a goal for you, we’ll work with you on what your demographic and create a list of key publications that best serves those groups of people. 


What will brand awareness do you for my business?

Simple, more potential customers who know about your business and it’s offering, the more customers you’ll have – and more customers, means more cash.



Getting yourself as high up on Google as possible (and backlinks from well-liked domains will help).

If this is a goal for you, we’ll work on getting you backlinks in high-authority websites.

If this is a goal for you, we’ll get you as many online articles as we can (with as many backlinks as we can).


At the moment, we charge per online article for this goal (not backlink) BUT we are working on a sexy new offering where we only charge for backlinks – so watch this space.


What will better SEO do for my business?

Strong SEO means being higher up the search rankings than your competitors – making sure you get first dibs on potential customers (and their cash).