How will PR help my business?

Well, firstly PR is great for credibility – nothing offers social proof like a press badge on your website or socials (especially if you’re a small business or fresh on the market); secondly, you want to up your SEO game – getting yourself as high up on Google as possible (and backlinks from well-liked domains will help) and lastly, there’s the brand awareness – more people getting to know you exist is a wonderful thing!

See our ‘What goals can we help’ page for more information.

national vs regional / trade press

It can be tempting to focus on your demographic and a publication’s readership (“my customers don’t read the Sun”) but that would be a mistake!

Firstly, national publications tend to have high domain rankings (your local competitor might not have the same backlinks [aka SEO] and so you’ll beat them on Google when your customers come looking; and secondly, your customers (as a demographic) might be 0.01% of a national publication’s readership but that number is usually much greater than the 100% readership of ‘Your Demographic Daily’.

Don’t be a PR snob – think bigger picture!