Rules for joining our pay per results partnership


In order for us to run our Pay Per Results and low fee model, we have a set of rules for our partners. These rules are part of our T’s and C’s, which you can find here.

  • Not magic –  you understand that even though we are Pay Per Results, we generate published articles just like other PR agencies – it’s the way we charge that’s different. This means we are not an ‘article ordering service’ and (unfortunately) you can’t simply rub a magic lamp and ask, “Sanity, I wish to be on the Vogue cover for £250”. We’ll tailor our PR efforts to get the results you’re looking for – we can’t do any more than that. 
  • No guarantees – you understand that we don’t guarantee press (we can’t)!
  • Hold your horses – you understand that PR can be a slow burn (sometimes we can get press for you in minutes (literally), whereas other times it could take months. Either way, we’ll be sure to give you a steer as to how long you should expect to wait, but usually it’s weeks (we’re pretty awesome!).
  • Bigger picture – you understand that PR should be part of a wider marketing strategy and that it won’t transform your business overnight (see our ‘What goals can we help’ page for more information).
  • Caps – you understand we set a ‘cap’ of £600 on each press release, comment piece, or line-up/review. That means that even if you get 50 articles from one press release – you’ll only pay a maximum of £600. It’s rare, but the cap is there to protect you in case the media goes wild for you.
  • Knowing how we charge – you understand how we charge (our tiered fee system is here). We charge per article (that means double bubble if an article is online and print) and the fee is the same whether it’s one-line or a double page spread with you on the cover. If a publication repeatedly features you or another journalist or publication features you then we charge per article (it’s rare, but we like to be transparent). Equally, if you gain press from a journalist contacting you from our efforts, those articles are also chargeable. Remember, you have the cap to keep things sensible. 
  • Boo boos – you understand that mistakes can happen that are out of our control. If a publication makes a mistake with your name in a print article, we’ll waiver the fee (that’s not fair on you). If it’s for an online article, it’s only chargeable if we can get it fixed within 10 days. If we can’t – it’s on us. For other mistakes, we’ll try and get them fixed but we can’t make guarantees and the article will still be chargeable.
  • The last word – you understand that the publication / journalist / editor has the ultimate say as to what makes the final cut for a published article – we can make requests (such as backlinks and specific imagery), but ultimately, we are not the publishers.
  • Letting us down – you understand that if you commit to a comment, interview or review opportunity and don’t follow through, we’ll charge you a fee of £250 (as we’ll have an upset journalist buddy to try and placate). We’ll consider this a rule break and may choose to offboard you from the partnership if this happens.
  • Leaving us – you understand that you can leave our partnership at any time after the first month, simply by giving 30 days’ notice to us. During this notice period, you’re under no obligation to undertake any PR work – just let us know what you prefer.
  • Security – you understand we take a £100 security deposit per service you sign up for. This deposit stays on your account unless you leave us, after which it will be returned to you in full on your last day with us (minus any Pay Per Results PR fees you might owe). This may be delayed if there are any articles pending publication – in which case, that fee will be held and the remainder returned to you.
  • We’re jealous – you understand that you can’t work with another PR agency whilst you’re in our partnership. We’ll consider this a rule break and may choose to offboard you from the partnership. If you have worked with an agency historically, we’ll need to be made aware of any pending articles and/or ongoing journalist conversations, so we can discount from these also.
  • Backlinks – backlinks are delicious – they aid SEO in a big way (and that’s why some SEO companies charge thousands for just a single link). If you tell us you want backlinks, we’ll work away at getting as many online pieces for you as we can (and ask journalists for backlinks, both before the article is published and afterwards if a backlink wasn’t included). However, we can’t guarantee backlinks for you (most journalists can’t guarantee them either as it’s the Editor’s final sign-off). But the good news is we usually do get backlinks and on the rare times you don’t get one (looking at your articles from us as a whole) you’d still have plenty of online articles with links for your buck!
  • Keep us informed – you understand that you have to tell us in advance of all PR efforts that you are doing yourself, so we can discount them from our own efforts. If you don’t tell us, we’ll consider this a rule break and might offboard you from the partnership.
  • Time frames – you understand that press releases may take up to 5 working days to write up – from the day you approve the idea to the day that we send you a first draft to check over. This excludes press releases with topical content which are usually sent out within hours. Edits typically take 1-2 working days to be done. Typically, we’ll send out a non-time sensitive press release within 2 weeks (depending on scheduling and press appetite) – something it’s much quicker (hours) and other times, a little longer. 
  • Too many cooks… – you understand that we need one point of contact, and so we don’t do group/conference calls. We’d love to chat with several of you, but it isn’t conducive to getting you PR and that’s what we’re here for. Less chat, more press!