What ?

We class a review as a publication wanting to review your business, product or service (and it gets published). This can be as a result of a press release going out and a journalist wants to try you or through our connections.

We’ll pitch you as available for reviews and present you with opportunities. For the opportunities you want to take up, we’ll manage booking the journalist in / organising a way for the journalist to get your goods; and getting the review published.

This is a Pay Per Results PR Service

What’s the damage?

We charge per article (we class an article as a link and/or printed article).

See our Pay Per Results PR fees.

We’ll need you to pay a deposit of £100+VAT for this service. This deposit is refundable if you want to leave us, minus any articles pending publication and/or balance.

Remember, it’s up to you which publications you decide to have review your products or services and we’ll do our best to guide you as to what type of exposure you could expect.

How can this service help me?




Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Results Explained

One review isn’t going to have customers lining up around the block (although it could help) but a collection of reviews, or reviews coupled with other PR efforts will help you with:

More brand awareness means more people will be coming across your website (Organic search & Direct traffic). Online articles with backlinks will see some more Referral traffic (from clicking on the links through to your website) coming onto the website; and finally, with your fancy new backlinks, your SEO will improve – meaning more Organic search traffic.

More users on your website – without question – means more key page views, enquiries and sales.

Not to mention the credibility of being in a sexy article.

The Process

Getting your deets out – we’ll draft a one-pager press release about you (a general information sheet we call a General Press Release) that we’ll send out and let our press buddies know we are representing you and you’re up for comment pieces.Generally, we’ll use the information from your website / that you give us and any images / graphics you offer up.You’ll have final sign off before it goes out.

Tasty opportunity – we’ll present comment piece opportunities to you as they come in – generally we’ll WhatsApp you and put a note on your board. We’ll give you as much information as we can (including what our fee would be (based on our Pay Per Results PR Fee guide. You can choose to accept it or not.

Yay or nay?If you don’t accept, we’ll mark it on your board.If you do accept, we’ll organise the interview / call or get the comments from you – which can be via (preferred), Whatsapp (text or voice note), email or via a call with us for us to write up.We’ll then send over to the journalist and keep you updated via your board.

Keeping you in the loop – as ever, we’ll update you via your board.

Press baby! – once published (bear in mind that this could take anywhere from a hour to 3 months, depending on the publication), we’ll update the board and add the comment piece to your next invoice or we’ll generate a new invoice for payment by your next renewal date.


As with all our services, our efforts are reported in real time on your board – from pitch ideas and press releases to published articles.

And of course, we can chat via our Whatsapp group.

Additional information

For us to introduce you to our journalist buddies we’ll write and send out an initial press release – an A4 one-pager that explains who you are and what you do.

Regularly sending out 2-4 press releases a month will help the frequency of opportunities so we’d recommend our Pay Per Results PR Press Releases Service,

We charge per review (upon publication), and you can decide which review opportunities you want to take up.

Additional expenses might be required. We’ll let you know in advance for you to decide.

We aren’t responsible for the actions/opinions of journalists (we wish we were!)

We suggest if you have a reviewer in, you offer treatments/services/gifts complimentary. We can work with you on what an opportunity is ‘worth’.

If you cancel a reviewer within 24-hours we might need to charge you a fee of £100 (+VAT) – sorry, but we might need to buy them loads of gifts and do a lot of grovelling!

We have final say as to which tier a publication comes under.

Have a few questions? Check out our FAQs page

Lead times

The initial press release typically will take 5 working days to be written up.

Edits typically take 1-2 working days to be done.

Comment pieces are a fluid beast – you could have a request come in within minutes and be published within hours or it could take weeks. All good things…

Service Type

This is a recurring service and roll over to the following month unless 14-days’ notice is given before the next renewal date (beyond the first month).

There is not a one-off version of this service.

Required services

Are you eligible?

As we are taking on all the risk and cost in working with you, we can’t accept just anyone. But we’d be keen to chat if:

⦁ You’d be a joy to work with
⦁ You don’t work with another PR agency
⦁ You understand and respect how we work
⦁ You have a £150+ a month budget for PR
⦁ You have content that journalists would love
⦁ You want to work with us long-term