Pay Per Results PR Services

Pay Per Results PR Services

Pay Per Results PR Services

Pay Per Results PR Services

We don’t believe in charging for PR ‘activities’ – just the results.

With that in mind, we have four Pay Per Results PR Services:

  • Pay Per Results Press Releases – we write ‘em, we place ‘em, you pay us.
  • Pay Per Results Comment Pieces – you talk to the press and if it gets written up – we get paid.
  • Pay Per Results Reviews – journalists review, publish and we send you a bill (albeit a small one).
  • Pay Per Results Influencer Endorsement – an influencer tries you out / attends your event and tells everyone you’re the bees knees on their socials / in the press – and we get a little honey too.

We don’t get you exposure – we don’t eat. Seems fair to us.

There’s more information on the product pages – so do have a butchers.

How we charge for press articles we get you:

TypeRegional / Trade / BlogNational / City-wideGravitas
ExamplesReal Business, London City Girl, Belfast TelegraphMetro, The Sun, Glamour, Evening Standard, MailOnline, Express,
Independent, Daily Star, TimeOut, Pink News
Hello, Forbes, Tatler, Vogue, BBC, ITV, BBC Radio, The Times
Fee (+VAT)£50£150£250

Our Pay per Results PR fees couldn’t be simpler – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

A published article in a small blog or local newspaper would cost £50+VAT whereas an interview published in Vogue would cost £250+VAT.

For our Pay Per Results PR Press Releases service, we cap at £600+VAT for coverage for each press release – so if you get 10 articles from one press release – you’ll pay a maximum of £600+VAT.

For our Pay Per Results PR Comment Pieces & Reviews – you’re in the driving seat, we’ll present you the opportunity and what the fee would be (from the guide above) and it’s up to you if you want to take us up on the offer.

All you need to get started is a refundable £100+VAT deposit for each Pay Per Results PR service you want to use.

That sounds like sanity to us. 6