Pay Per Results PR 'Partnership'

Having worked with top brands and celebrities worldwide, we’ve taken that nouse and created a Pay Per Results PR ‘partnership’ – where small businesses can have all of the benefits of PR enjoyed by ‘the big boys’, without the risk (scary contracts) or the fees (pricey retainers). 

Instead, we take the risk – every conversation, press release and pitch that we do is unpaid unless we get you press. Therefore, we have an investment in you – no other PR agency can say the same!

Our Partnership is a collection of hundreds of small businesses and startups, offering content to journalists daily and only paying for each article that’s published (from as little as £50 a go).

Even then, it’s not a scatter gun approach. At the start, you’ll tell us what your goals for PR are and you’ll only be charged you for published articles that tick that box – be it brand awareness (so getting in front of your potential clients) or credibility (being featured in gravitas publications).  We’ll work with you as to which publications will best serve the results you are looking for. 

That’s small business PR with no risk and low fees – sounds like ‘Sanity’ to us.



why is it called a partnership?

Well, we’ve scrapped the old-fashioned client/supplier retainer model and instead we ‘partner’ up with you. We offer our expertise, time, blood, sweat and tears and you’ll provide the content that journalists are so keen to have.

We charge per article, according to what the publication is (see our fee table below) – either £75, £150 or £250 each and there is zero retainer or obligation.

Typically, we can get press for you in four main ways – via press opportunities, press releases, reviews and influencer endorsements.

press opportunities

We’ll regularly send you opportunities that are relevant to your business (using the topics and keywords you tell us about). We’ll send these opportunities straight to your inbox and you can either reply with details or ignore. These opportunities include commenting on key topics, news or trends; being interviewed; and having your products featured in a line-up. We’ll then manage any correspondence with the journalist and let you know if the piece has been published / aired. 

You can accept or decline each opportunity as you like. 

Here’s three examples where are partners have submitted comments to be published. Your presence in the articles can vary widely depending on the subject, publication and how much insight you offer.

Press Releases

We’ll work with you to regularly send out content that the press are looking for in the form of, you guessed it, press releases.

The press love a news story and case studies, so we’ll predominately focus on these. We have in-house journalists to help!

We can also include you, alongside other experts, in press releases for seasonal trends and awareness days.

This content can be published ‘as-is’ (with you / your business credited and potentially with a backlink – hello SEO), often journalists will want further comments from you or potentially an interview (although remember, you have the power to say yes or no to each request).

Here’s an example of a press release that was published:

Read here: 

Woman & Home Article


We’ll offer our journalist buddies the chance to review your products / services / business and let you know who is keen.

You can then pick who you like and we will organise it for you.

Here’s an example of our information sheet and the finished published piece:

Read here:

Daily Mail Article

how we charge for the press articles we get you

Our Pay per Results PR fees couldn’t be simpler – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We charge per article (regardless of whether it’s a one-liner, a full article about you, print or online, or has a backlink). We charge according to whether we consider a publication to be Tier 1 (£75), Tier 2 (£150), or Tier 3 (£250) – see our fee table below.

Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Real Business, London City Girl, Take a Break, Pick Me Up, The Breakdown, Woman's Weekly, Sustain Health, Manchester Evening News, Bristol Live, Birmingham Live, Belfast Telegraph, MI Business, Insurance Ingage
Metro, The Sun, Evening Standard, Express, The Independent, Daily Star, Pink News, The Scottish Sun, The Daily Record, Telegraph, Seventeen, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Heat Magazine, Prima, HelloGiggles, Grazia, Prevention, Guardian, ITV, Happiful,, BBC Newscast
Forbes, Tatler, Vogue, BBC, BBC Radio, The Times, Hello Magazine, Marie Claire, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Men’s Health, MailOnline, Vice, Women's Health, Glamour Magazine, TimeOut, Net Doctor, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Elle, Real Homes, Esquire, MSN, Business Insider, OK Magazine
Fee (+VAT)


Remember, an article is only chargeable if it ticks your ‘goals’ box – if it doesn’t, take that little slice of PR on us.

For press opportunities and reviews (where you’ve agree to an opportunity), on the rare chance there are any additional ‘surprise’ articles published, you’ll only be charged £50 each (including print versions and aggravated news features). And that’s only if they tick your ‘goals’ box – if not, it’s free PR from your friends at Sanity.

The fees for these secondary ‘surprise’ articles are also capped at £600 per comment or review – and it’s never been reached (not even close) – but it’s there for your piece of mind.

The £600 cap also covers information sheets – so that means that if your press release is published by every publication known to man, the maximum you’ll pay is £600+VAT and not a sausage more.

On top of all this, we are also happy to offer credit terms if you want a sexy opportunity or your press release does amazingly well but the budget is tight. We work with small businesses and we are only happy to help – just ask!


influencer endorsement

We’ve worked with influencers such as Britney Spears to help endorse our small business partner’s brands, products, and services.

With this activity, we can put your products in the hands of influencers and celebrities and we just charge per post mention.

Similarly, to our press opportunities or review activities – you’re in the driving seat. We’ll come to you with the endorsement opportunity, and you can say yes or no. We then make it happen.

We’ll let you know what the influencer is looking for (in terms of gifting – so they can review your product or service) and what they will do in exchange. 


Here’s just one of our favourites:

How we charge for our influencer endorsement offering:

Are you eligible?

As we are taking on all the risk and cost in working with you, we can’t accept just anyone. But we’d be keen to chat if:

⦁ You’d be a joy to work with
⦁ You don’t work with another PR agency
⦁ You understand and respect how we work
⦁ You have a £150+ a month budget for PR
⦁ You have content that journalists would love
⦁ You want to work with us long-term


Not quite for you but keen to work with us? Find out the difference between our Pay Per Results PR model and our £50/month retainer model.