Influencer (Pay Per Results PR)

Influencer endorsements

This is a Pay Per Results PR add-on. 

Influencer endorsements can be a minefield. It’s costly, time-consuming and even comes with red tape. Not ideal if you’re a small business, so the big boys win again!

We’re old pros at it – we’ve even worked with Britney Spears; and with 100s of partners, we’ve built up great connections over the years and current work with 100s of influencers on endorsements.

Here’s our CEO talking about influencer endorsements on the BBC:

With this activity, we can put your products in the hands of influencers and celebrities and we just charge per post mention.

As it’s Pay Per Results, it’s guaranteed and you’re in the driving seat. We’ll come to you with the endorsement opportunity, and you can say yes or no. We then make it happen.

We’ll let you know what the influencer is looking for (in terms of gifting – so they can review your product or service) and what they will do in exchange.

Here’s just one of our favourites:

How we charge for our influencer offering:

Here’s a tiny collection of influencers we work with:

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

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