Press Events (Pay Per Results PR)

press events

This is a Pay Per Results PR add-on. 

We’ve done more launches and lunches than you could shake a stick at.

(Here’s our CEO in the Daily Mail at his very own birthday bash, back when you could!)

These events are great for getting press and getting your brand in-front of celebs, influencers and journalists.

The problem is that these events are pricey. Even with calling in favours you’ll struggle to get much change out of £5-15k.

That means this amazing PR opportunity is only open to well-established businesses with deep pockets and that doesn’t sound like Sanity to us!

So we’re doing what we do best – we make PR events accessible to all businesses – starting with you.

Post-lockdown, we are hosting an array of events – such as themed events, launches, fashion shows and brunches – with promotional opportunities from as little as £250.

We’re ready to roll out the red carpet and invite the media to see your brand in shining lights.


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