Sanity's PR 'Partnership'

Having worked with top brands and celebrities worldwide, we’ve taken that nouse and created a PR ‘partnership’ – where small businesses can have all of the benefits of PR enjoyed by the big boys’, without the risk (scary contracts) or the fees (pricey retainers). 

Our Partnership is a collection of hundreds of small businesses and startups, offering content to journalists daily for only £49.99 (inc. VAT) a month (cancel at any time).

For this small monthly fee, we’ll pitch regular opportunities to be featured in the press – from press opportunities or topical press releases to journalists reviewing your products or services. We’ll also regularly pitch you to the media.

Want something a little extra? You’ll also have access to our Pay Per Results add-ons – such as influencer endorsements (from £120/endorsement), writing up and sending out news press releases (£99/press release), running competitions in top tier publications (£300/competition) or even being part of a PR event – such as a brunch, a lunch or a launch (from only £300).

That’s small business PR with low risk and low fees – sounds like ‘Sanity’ to us.



why is it called a partnership?

Well, we’ve scrapped the old-fashioned client/supplier retainer model and instead we ‘partner’ up with you. We offer our expertise, time, blood, sweat and tears and you’ll provide the content that journalists are so keen to have – everyone’s a winner!



Book in a call and chat to us

On your first call with us, we’ll get the low down on you/your business, get to understand your goals for PR and ideal publications, and explore what we could do for you. If there’s a fit for you and for us, we’ll follow up with an email detailing everything. The first of these calls have to be 1:1 (as there is a lot to get through), but we are always happy to do follow-up calls for your colleagues to join.


Keen to go ahead?

We’ll send you a link to sign up or we can do it over the phone (whichever you prefer).

We use Chargebee and Stipe for card payments for your added security and piece of mind.

If you want to leave us, cancel at any time without paying another dime.


Getting started

Once paid, you’ll get a link to book in a call with your very own Partnership Manager (you can select a day and time that suits you) and a link to download our app (, so you are all ready! Please don’t create a log in for – you’ll do that on your intro call with your Partnership Manager. Similarly to your first call with us, this initial call has to be 1:1 (as there is a lot to get through), but we are always happy to do follow up calls for your colleagues to join


Chatting to your Partnership Manager

During your 1:1 call, we’ll build on what we know about you already, agree a plan, get any further bits we need from you, before setting to work.






Getting moving

Your Partnership Manager will present you at our next daily PR Team meeting and get the ball rolling.

We’ll start pitching you press opportunities and opportunities to be a part of topical press releases we are writing up and sending out.

If we’re organising reviews for you, we’ll draft a general information sheet about your products or services. Once you’ve approved it, we’ll send this out / pitch you to journalists and let you know which publications are interested. 

Pay Per Results PR Add-ons:

If we’ve agreed on a news press release or two, we’ll come up with some strong newsworthy / case study lead content for you to approve. We’ll most likely book in an interview to get further details and exclusive quotes (from you or your case study) before writing up, presenting to you for sign off and sending out / pitching to journalists.

For influencer endorsements, we’ll equally draft an information sheet about your products or services. Once you’ve approved it, we’ll speak to our influencer friends and let you know who’s keen.

For press competitions, we’ll work with you on the goodies you’re giving up and support you in writing up content.

For PR events, begin to work with you on what we need from you to make it happen.


Working together

You’ll be hearing from us regularly via your board and via email. We’ll be presenting opportunities to you, pitching ideas and letting you know about any published articles. For urgent requests, we’ll give you a buzz too. When we get an article for you, we’ll let you know AND promote it (and you!) on our socials. We’ll also periodically check in and see how you’re doing and explore any more opportunities for you to get into the press.


Chatting to us

At any time you can chat with us via our app by messaging your Partnership Manager, or by booking in your preferred slot using a link – all easy stuff.


Need a break or want out?

You can put the account on hold at any time – we’ll then wait for you to want to start up again. If you want to leave us, you can cancel again at any time.

Not quite for you but keen to work with us? Find out the difference between our Pay Per Results PR model and our 99p/month retainer model.