The restaurant and bar industry is one of our favourites to work on – it’s definitely one in which we excel. This is partly due to the fact there is so much we can do! Here’s a little taster of how we achieve incredible results for our restaurant and bar clients.
  • Reviews – We secure our clients reviews in top publications. Not only does this give your restaurant/bar great kudos (and a lovely opportunity to put a logo on your website), it helps new customers find you and have confidence in knowing that you’re wonderful.
  • Create Ticketed Events – We create, publicise, organise and host ticketed events at our clients' venues. Not only do they hit the headlines, they are a great money-maker for our clients and introduce the restaurant and/or bar to heaps of new customers! We also send down our in-house photographer and videographer to capture the event, providing plentiful promotional content. Check out this Wizard themed brunch we held for Indian restaurant, Anokha.
  • Host Press Events – A journalist and celebrity filled party is a quick-fire way of getting you on the map. We organise and host the events from start to finish, delving into our little black book to ensure we have the very best VIP guest list. Here’s some super press we achieved for The Megaro for the launch of their new bar, Minimix:
  • Secure Celebrity Endorsements – Celebrity endorsements are powerful – but pricey without the right contacts and relationships. We work on celebrity / brand partnerships – low cost and (where possible) complimentary – maximising press and Social Media opportunities. Using our connections, celebrities with huge followings will promote the restaurant and/or bar in exchange for a complimentary meal and a couple of drinks. Here’s a lovely post from Influencer and The Only Way Is Essex star, Lydia Bright, for Chelsea restaurant, GOAT.
  • Provide Beautiful Marketing Assets – To achieve the best results for restaurants, we need to show the interiors, food and drinks in the best light. With our in-house videography and photography team, we can consistently create fresh, interesting and beautiful content for promotional and Social Media use. You only have to take a look at Sicilian restaurant, Tasting Sicily’s dessert to see the talent our photographer holds.
  • Create and Manage Sales-effective Social Media Profiles – Social Media & Digital Marketing is vital for restaurants to connect with customers and gain sales in this digital world, but few people do it right. We have the knowledge and skills to create social content, run advertising campaigns, engage with our clients' target audience and send newsletters to grow our clients' online presence and achieve maximum results (driving sales!)
  • Working on SEO – On top of our efforts to improve restaurant client’s SEO through onsite SEO (driving quality traffic to the websites and getting backlinks from top quality sites such as online publications) we work with our clients on their online shop window. This ensures the website is as Google-friendly as possible – and they are making the most of their online presence.
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