Lead Ads

Lead Ads

Lead Ads

What does the service include?

We’ll create and manage social media lead ads for you for 30 days which run on Facebook and Instagram.

How will this service help you?

This service is a remarketing service which means you are contacting people who have been on your website (on key pages). It will generate quality leads for you to contact and turn into paying, repeat customers.

We’ll send you regular spreadsheets of customer’s names, numbers and email addresses for you to contact. Some of our clients are getting 56 leads a week – all for the price of an alright bottle of wine.

Other considerations

  • You need to have at least 30,000 page views recorded on a Facebook Pixel to run this service (we need >30k to ensure we have a big enough pond to fish from)
  • A website with plenty of pages and internal links (the more pages, the more views you’ll get per visitor, the quicker you can start lead ads)

What do you need for this service? (we can help)

  • A website – the very basic of all requirements
  • A Facebook page – we can’t do ads without one
  • Budget – we’d suggest a £160/ month budget, which should bring in plenty of quality leads
  • Facebook pixel set up – the pixel tracks which users go on which page, an essential piece of the lead ad puzzle
  • Google Analytics set up – we need this to see which pages are the most popular with visitors, allowing us to fine-tune our audience
  • Social media graphics – we’ll design an eye-catching graphic for the ad that follows Facebook’s strict guidelines (no amateur Microsoft Paint jobby’s allowed!)

What other services would we recommend?

  • Newsletters – we’d suggest you send out fortnightly newsletters to the new leads we’ve provided you with. If they didn’t become a customer right away, this will ensure they buy your product/service eventually
  • Newsletter sign ups on your website (as a pop up and a big button at the top of your website) – that way you can keep talking to (and selling to) those new users


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