Lead Ads

Lead Ads

Lead Ads

With your website traffic levels going through the roof, this next step is vital when turning ordinary viewers into loyal customers. Lead Ads are essentially a form of ‘remarketing’ and are aimed at previous visitors of your website; like a chaser. They’ll advertise special offers and discounted prices to their audience, and when targeted correctly, they’re impossible to ignore!

They are already keen remember – this is just a little push!

Running Lead Ads are the equivalent of saying “remember that website you visited earlier, well are you sure you don’t want to indulge in their services at these special prices?” They work miracles on boosting website traffic of course, but the real gold lies in their ability to make sales soar!

If we’re running Lead Ads for you, you can expect your sales to increase significantly week by week – we’ll literally deliver a list of clients to you. Why, some of our clients even enjoy over 50 leads a WEEK! All for the price of an OK bottle of champagne; which you’ll most certainly have reason to drink when you add a bit of Sanity to your business!

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