News Stories

News Stories

News Stories

Ever glanced at a news article about a business or service and wondered to yourself “I wish that could be my business, but how do can I get featured in these publications?” Well wonder no more, as you’re in exactly the right place!

It’s no secret that major news publications (e.g. The New York Times, The Mail Online, The Evening Standard) have hundreds of thousands of daily readers – these are potential website users to your website through referral traffic (people clicking through to your website), organic search (by people getting to know you and searching and finding you; and by upping your off-site SEO) and direct traffic (by people learning about you and typing in your website into their address bar).

Luckily for you, we have a lot of contacts in the world of Journalism and know which publications will respond to your news stories the best. For example, if you’re selling underwear, City A.M. probably isn’t going to be the best publication to contact. Similarly, it’s key to spot when the right time to publish an article is. It has to match with the ‘flavour of the month’; timing is the vital difference between a crash and a take-off. Our main objective is therefore to put the right readers in contact with your business at the right time to yield optimal business success.

We develop all of our client’s news stories from the ground up, allowing for optimal flexibility. Anything can be featured in a news publication, whether it’s a service or an event; and trust us when we say, the secret to successful business exposure in the press is a balanced recipe of content, contacts and timing. And our balancing skills are top of the line!

For this service, we’ll work on getting you news stories. But remember, we aren’t magic. Sometimes we hit gold with a national or international story but this might take time to build up to / several months to manage. Equally, we might pitch a series (typically 2 a month).

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