Newsletters / E-mail Shots

Newsletters / E-mail Shots

Newsletters / E-mail Shots

What does the service include?

If you have a list of people to sell to, use it! There’s no better group of people out there to share your latest offers and news with.

Keep your current customers and potential leads hooked by periodically sending them a newsletter – which will be written up by our writing team and popped into a template and sent out by our digital marketing team.

Not only are they great for generating sales (if you have a good offer!), but they also remind your audience that you exist and let them know what you’ve been up to.

This service is split into mini-services which you can choose from:

  • Template created (using Mailchimp) – our fabulous design team will create a stunning template for your newsletters.
  • Newsletter created and sent out (based on an existing template)

How will this service help you?

This service is a remarketing service, so it will generate sales for you if you choose to include an offer people can’t resist (strongly recommended).

Some of our clients have made over £100k in revenue just by sending out a simple, visually appealing, highly intriguing newsletter.

Other considerations

  • We won’t be able to provide mailing lists for you but can assist with the purchasing of contact lists.

What do you need for this service? (we can help)

  • A website – the very basic of all requirements
  • Photos for your newsletter to help make them as engaging as possible
  • Contact list / potential clients list – there’s no point in sending out a newsletter unless you have a beefy list of names and email addresses at hand

What other services would we recommend?

  • Facebook pixel set up – this way we can ‘track’ these new users and send them adverts later on (when they are ‘warmer’ leads)
  • Google Analytics set up – you want to be seeing all that new traffic and know what they are doing on your website
  • Social media graphics – we’ll design an eye-catching graphic for the ad that follows Facebook’s strict guidelines (no amateur Microsoft Paint jobby’s allowed!)
  • Newsletter sign ups on your website (as a pop up and a big button at the top of your website) – that way you can keep talking to (and selling to) those new users


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