On-site SEO Guidance

On-site SEO Guidance

On-site SEO Guidance

What is On-Site SEO you cry? Well SEO is Search Engine Optimisation – doing ‘things’ to your website (on-site) and ‘things’ outside of your website (off-site) to make search engines ‘like’ you much. So good SEO will make sure that people are going to search for you, and your products / services and find you! Clicking onto your website.

As a new/small business owner, your name isn’t going to be at the front of the queue just yet. When your potential customers are directly searching for your business or services / products on a search engine, you want your website to be right up there at the top; but right now, it isn’t. People can’t find your website, and on search giants like Google, it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. This is of course very bad news for your website traffic, and your overall sales too. Our On-Site SEO Guidance service is here to change all that!

But how? We unfortunately don’t (yet) have control over what engines like Google choose as their feature sights, but On-Site SEO Guidance journeys a little deeper than that. With this small services, which is an ideal service just for month 1 – we’ll send you some guidance on how to support your Organic Search traffic.

Typical suggestions are ensuring you have a SSL certificate, making sure you have a blog page, and adding internal links.

You can discover more on what exactly Off-Site SEO Guidance is here.

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