Online Review Management

Online Review Management

Online Review Management

Managing reviews, both good and bad, is particularly important when maintaining an online presence. Answering them demonstrates to your customers (and the world) that you’re conscious of their opinions, and that you’re willing to take action on them (if necessary). It also aids your sales, as the more positive reviews you gather, the more attractive your products become to your audience; and therefore, the more money you’ll make!

However, running a business is no easy feat, and we understand that overseeing your online reviews is perhaps not at the top of your priority list. But don’t stress, that’s why we’re here! Sanity cultivates and maintains your online reviews for you, and we’ll send a weekly update so that you’re kept in the loop with any new reviews that come through. As a customer-facing business ourselves, we’ll also be able to assist you in replying to these reviews as well as removing the ones that bear no relevance to your business.

Reviews are just one less this that you’ll have to worry about when you add Sanity to your business model!

Remember, as much as this service takes a marketing job off of your plate – it is only a small website traffic driver (and website traffic means more sales!) Want to look at services that have a high impact on website traffic? Click here

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