Online Review Management

Online Review Management

Online Review Management

What does the service include?

For this service we’ll manage your online review platforms.

Managing reviews, both good and bad, is particularly important when maintaining an online presence. Answering them demonstrates to your customers (and the world) that you’re conscious of their opinions, and that you’re willing to take action on them (if necessary). It also aids your sales, as the more positive reviews you gather, the more attractive your business looks to your audience; and therefore, the more money you’ll make

Our team of experts will look after your review platform of choice and ensure we represent you in the best light possible.

How will this service help you?

This service is a website traffic driving service (a small impact one) so it will drive new users to your website.

Google Analytics will track this as Referral Traffic.

Other considerations

It’s important we can have an open dialogue with you so we can reply to reviews swiftly.

What do you need for this service? (we can help)

  • A website – the very basic of all requirements
  • Online platform logins

What other services would we recommend?

  • Facebook pixel set up – this way we can ‘track’ these new users and send them adverts later on (when they are ‘warmer’ leads)
  • Google Analytics set up – you want to be seeing all that new traffic and know what they are doing on your website
  • Newsletter sign ups on your website (as a pop up and a big button at the top of your website) – that way you can keep talking to (and selling to) those new users
  • Newsletters – we’d suggest you send out fortnightly newsletters to your fans


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