Reactive Comment Pieces

Reactive Comment Pieces

Reactive Comment Pieces

In this modern age we all have something to say. But as a business owner, it’s especially important that your voice is heard over the rest of the crowd. Get ready to pick up that megaphone, as we’d love to introduce our Reactive Comment Pieces service.

But what exactly are ‘Reactive Comment Pieces’? Well they’re essentially a technique to name drop your business and services into news articles; in the sort of “let’s ask the expert” kind of way. For example, the Mail Online are writing a piece on the best way to make Hungarian Goulash (as they do!), and as the owner of the hottest Hungarian restaurant on the scene, you’ve definitely got the best recipe hiding away in your cookbook. You provide your thoughts to the Mail, the piece is written, and you and your secret recipe have made the cut. Your name and expert services are all that anyone is going to see, and soon their readers are going to be wondering “who is this goulash guru?”

Reactive Comment Pieces are decent website traffic drivers – great for driving organic traffic and direct traffic (due to increased brand awareness and intrigue) and referral traffic (people clicking on your website links on these online articles).

They also provide your business with more of a tangible identity, alongside connecting you with big names in the hectic world of the press.

Yes, Reactive Comment Pieces are great for creating brand awareness and decent website traffic (which is what it’s all about), but we wouldn’t recommend stopping at the first hurdle. Cast your name in an even wider net with one of our High Impact website drivers services; and just between you and us, the game really gets going when we use traffic ads

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