Securing Line Ups

Securing Line Ups

Securing Line Ups

Have you ever come across those pieces online that dissect the fabulousness of, for example the “top 5 cocktail bars in London”? What are the chances that after reading that you thought to yourself “I would really like to make a stop there for a martini or two!” These kinds of pieces are called Line Up’s, and they’re worth every penny when getting actual living, breathing, spending customers through your doors; and with a bit of Sanity, starring in Line Up’s that are read by thousands of people can very quickly become an exciting reality.

Here’s the picture: you’re a new business selling yummy donuts; business is good but it’s nothing to call home about. You come to us, and before you’ve even had a chance to fill those chocolate eclairs, your business is picked up by Time Out, who are raving about it being THE hottest place for sweet treats in town. Their readers start to fly in, sales go through the roof, and suddenly you’re opening a second shop!

Does this all sound sweeter than cinnamon?

Line Up’s are super great for creating brand awareness; they put your business on the map through increasing organic, direct searches for your name. They also work wonders to see that referral traffic rise, and of course in turn your organic off-site SEO benefits too. They’re all about getting people to your website and then through your doors.

They create a decent impact yes, but we would definitely recommend combining this service with another one of our great services. Instead of being just in a Line Up, why not completely sink your competition with your own feature News Article. We have to sit down when just thinking about the sales you’re going to make! Check out our News Stories service here.

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